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Guelph, ON, Canada Review updated:

Consumer Beware! This protection plan apparently does not cover damages incurred while replacing a leaking water heater.
In short, sub contractors sent to fix a pressure problem days after the burst heater was replaced, damaged first the water heater then my home pipes. After creating a problem that did not exist, they tried to blame the condition of my relatively new homes copper pipes. During three separate house calls they smashed and banged the pipes until the house shook. Only after they showed me the water leak in the pipes did it occur to me that something was not right with the installers. They refused to fix the leak and took a powder as fast as they could while I was calling Reliance. This was 11PM and had to shut the water off until I could find plumbers at a cost of $400 to come and repair it.

This was bad enough, but the customer service was worse. Ten emails and several phone calls later, they continue to ignore me. No returned calls, NOTHING! At first they said they would reimburse me, then repeated what the sub contractors tried to sell me. As far as Reliance is concerned, the customer can be lied to, ignored and above all, believe what the sub contractors say because the customer can't be believed. After emailing me that they were going on the sub contractors word, total avoidance. They hope I will just fade away. Not on their lives. They need to realize that poor service will cost them customers. If I can help with this, then I will. This is the second time the heater has burst. We called them several months before this one went and they sent someone who said it was fine. Then it flooded my basement AGAIN! Then there is the yearly rebuilding of my furnace because of the poor installation, but that for another time. Lets see if anything happens when I complain to every consumer advocacy group I find. Lets see how long they intended to avoid doing the right thing.

So customer be forewarned, damages caused by Reliance will be your responsibility. And be prepared to be avoided if you encounter problems caused beyond the performance of their equipment. It’s in the contract you will sign when renting and paying for the COMFORT PROTECTION PLAN.

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      Apr 04, 2011

    I went through a Reliance Home Discomfort abusive billing as well. They called out of the blue a year or 2 ago asking if I was interesting in a home furnace service assurance for a nominal service charge which would be covered by a rebate for the first 6 months. Fine. The bill was so first. It slowly increased the following year and then I was sent multiple bills at different prices. I called them and tried to cancel and was told I had to send them a letter in the mail to cancel. Good enough...after digging through their paperwork there was no apparent address to cancel so I called them back and they told me I could cancel by sending an email. They gave me an email address and I sent off my cancellation.
    In a short period I received a MAILER DAEMON indicating the email address did not exist. I called back and became belligerent enough that I was referred to someone that only gave me his first name and when he started going through the same spiel about having to mail them I told him to stop feeding me ### and cancel my account and the creative billing.
    He then got hold of his supervisor and I finally got a cancellation authorization number.
    The following month the bills kept coming with different values that could not be followed so i had to go back to their billing department to stop any collection agency from destroying my good name. I went through 4 levels of being put on hold with the same lying crap and would not get referred to a "supposed" higher person until I started swearing about their criminally insane abusive behavior. When the last guy finally got on the phone after about 15 minutes on hold I had finally figured out that I should be able to go on their website, sign up for my account number, and unsubscribe on their website...THE WEBSITE DOES NOT ALLOW YOU TO MAKE A PASSWORD TO ACCESS YOU [email protected]%$?.
    The last guy on the phone tried to make it go away if I just paid the last bill from the time I made the first complaint and after explaining that the bill was paid in full at the time and I had a bank record to prove it and that I wanted his last name and location of his office so I could sue, he sent me an e-mail verifying the account was cleared and it actually had his full name and a reliance logo.
    I think this is what the dragons on Dragon Den call squeezing the customer for more money.
    These guys should be in jail.
    We consumers need protection from this.
    I suggest anyone that has had to deal with this company or any other creative billing ( Rogers perhaps or Bell?) should contact their politicians during this election and have these thievery practices obliterated !

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