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Reliance Home Comfort / furnace repair

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I have had reliance to my home to fix my furnace 5 times in one month. They have been unable to diagnose the problem but were able to get it to work for a short time
The first tech thought it might be the Gas valve but when he got it working said it must have been something electrical
The next tech said he didn't know what caused the problem but it was now fixed
When the furnace went for the third time reliance sent in a tech who said it was the thermostat, but he didn't have one .He would order the thermostat and when it arrived I should call for another appointment to install it.The thermostat arrived within two-three hours but the appointment to install would be two -three days.
This tech named Rudy said it wasn't the thermostat because he could tell by just looking at the thermostat it was fine.He looked at my furnace and said it was a cracked heat exchanger and he would have to go to his truck to speak with his supervisor.
When he returned he told me that the heat exchanger was not covered by the insurance they had sold me but that he had some pamphlets for furnaces starting at $999. they could install that day!
I said no and I would like to speak with the supervisor as this was their 4th or 5th visit and they were unable to diagnose the problem so now the solution is for me to replace ?I think not
When the supervisor phoned me back he informed me that they did me a favour by not turning off the gas and condeming my furnace as the cracked heat exchanger could be very dangerous and that I did indeed need a new furnace not covered by the insurance
I phoned an outside contractor who came in and tested my furnace, checked the heat exchanger and told me it was the gas valve. He also told me it was a common problem with this model of furnace.
He said he could repair it but that since I had the coverage with Reliance I should call them back and ask them to fix it.

When Reliance Showed up (now dec 23 ) they looked at my furnace and said no it was not the valve buy a small copper wire device called a thermocouple device which was replaced and the furnace restarted
This tech examined the furnace and could not see any cracks or problems with the heat exchanger

My furnace went off Christmas day and because we have a gas fireplace we waited till dec 26 and had the outside company come in and replace the gas valve.My furnace Has worked since then without fail
When I asked reliance to pay this bill the company said submit the invoice and I should have my check in 10 days
When I phoned Jan 13 I was informed that it had gone to the same supervisor who had told me about my heat exchanger and that I needed a new furnace, and that he had not approved it
When I asked if I could speak to someone I was told it would be sent for review and I would hear in 4 days
Now into feb and I am told that it was a final decision and I will not be reimbursed as this was not Preauthorize d by the company
When I finally get to speak with the supervisor he says they will not pay
I tell him we will go to small claims courtso now he wants to reinspect the heat exchanger!
I have now finished the papers to file my small claims so I will follow up this story
The address for Reliance is not on the web site so It will be fun to serve the papers I guess, nor will Reliance give any Information to help me escalate beyond this supervisor.I am told his answer is final

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  • Sl
      19th of Feb, 2009
    +1 Votes

    Good job on filing & posting this complaint so us consumers can be aware of poor service and lack of knowledge. Worst of all consumers not specialized in a particular problem get ripped off. I had experienced similar event with another company in my previous home. Please post and let us know the outcome and I hope the court will see the evidance and hold them liable so that other consumers would not get ripped off.

  • Fr
      2nd of Mar, 2009
    +1 Votes

    Reliance does have issues with service you can always try contacting

    Roger Rossi - CEO - roger.[protected]

  • Ki
      26th of Oct, 2009
    0 Votes

    Hi never reliance,
    I would like to apologize on behalf of Reliance Home Comfort for the delay in responding; we just became aware of your post. I'm the Customer Relations Supervisor and I want to ensure that the issue has been resolved to your complete satisfaction. Please contact me by telephone at 1-888-720-3594 or by email at [protected] if I can be of any help.

  • Ra
      29th of Jan, 2010
    +1 Votes

    My children have been without hot water for over 24 hours, and a leaking water tank going on our real hardwood floors for approx. 16 hours. The tech was supposed to be here yesterday, but Reliance reps lied to us. They hung up on us. They refused to let us speak to Supervisors. I have contacted the Better Business Bureau and will be initiating a civil lawsuit for the insurance deductible and any other costs associated with the damage caused by Reliance's incompetency.

  • Ki
      29th of Jan, 2010
    0 Votes

    Dear rachelb79,

    I just read your post and would like to apologize for the poor customer service you experienced during the past 24 hours. I understand the issue has been corrected within 24 hours; however we share in your disappointment with our level of service provided. I'm the Customer Relations Supervisor and I want to ensure that this issue has now been resolved to your complete satisfaction. Please contact me by telephone at 1-888-720-3594 or by email at [protected] if I can be of any further help.

  • Ra
      1st of Feb, 2010
    0 Votes

    The matter has been, for the most part, resolved to my satisfaction. My only wish would be that my landlord didnt have to pay for all of the new piping that was needed because it wasnt up to the latest regulations. I have good relations with my landlord, she wants to sell the house to us but we arent in a position to do so, and would hate to have to go looking for another house to hold a family of 7.
    Things got fixed eventually in a timely fashion considering all the phone calls we had to make, the stress it caused, and the rude reps I dealt with, and the errors that were made on their end with scheduling.
    In the end, it worked out. A new water heater to rent, and new piping to be par with regulations. But it goes billed to the landlord, who is away right now, and I will have to deal with her when she gets back *sigh* I dont want to be house hunting.
    The higher uppers that I dealt with in the company were very kind. In the end, this company came through for us...they could one up it by knocking 50-75% off the bill, but maybe I'm dreaming.

  • Ki
      8th of Mar, 2010
    0 Votes

    Dear rachelb79,

    I am glad to read that everything has been resolved. If you would like to provide me with your address, I will be happy to look into the billing situation. Please do not hesitate to contact me with that information by phone or email at 1-888-720-3594, [protected] Sincerely, Kim.

  • An
      15th of Dec, 2010
    +1 Votes

    I have been paying for 12 years for this insurance and now that my furnace stoppd working they send 2 kids to look at it and when they saw my furnace they said that they did not know how to fix that type of furnace. The day after I called again so they can send someone that knows how to fix and they told me that no, that they can not fix because it is burned out. So I told them that that is not true because the technicians that came did not know about this type of furnace and they had to send some one that knows. After all they never fix the problem, I had to go buy a new furnace. I would never recomend this company, it is a scam, they send kids that dont know what they are doing and than say that since it doesn't work they cant fix just by looking at it. Worst insurance ever, I paid for nothing.

  • Da
      14th of Apr, 2012
    0 Votes

    Reliance forces their employees on the front line to abide by their policies but upper management and retentions cave in at the slightest malodour of an escalated complaint and give away the store to make the problem disappear. The management does not want to fix the problems that develop. Assigning months of free rental fees seems to be the preferred manner of operation. I got 9 months free rental and never asked for it. That was after being offered 6 months after I insisted on an apology for my issues. I never got the apology just the upgraded rental fee holiday. Not a good company to deal with. I feel bad for their technicians who seemed stressed and somewhat embarrassed to have to toe the line. They are very good and I have no complaints with them . Reliance has a management problem and I suspect a customer focus problem as well . I took their bait but I still don't like the organization.

  • Pi
      3rd of May, 2012
    +1 Votes

    neighbour had new furnace and central air put in.just last week... first time turned it on.. did not cool and outside unit noisy as hell.. so glad I found out before we replaced ours. stay away from Reliance!!!

  • Su
      10th of May, 2012
    +1 Votes

    Very bad experience with Reliance Home Comfort. I was leasing hot water tank for my old house. I sold my house and before moving out I called Reliance and provided my lawyers contact info. Reliance faxed the assignment of lease document to my lawyer. My lawyer then faxed the same document back to buyers lawyer. All this was done before the closing date Oct 31 2011. Couple of months back we found that Reliance is still collecting money from my account. We then contacted customer care and they said they will look into this and they will make sure no more money will be taken from my account and I would receive a mail in 2 weeks regarding the over payment amount. They have stopped collecting rental charge for old house since April. I still have not received the over payment money. When I contacted the customer care again couple of days back, they said the old account is not closed yet. They asked for new owners name and once I gave them they said they will now close and refund my money that was collected since January's 2012 and not from 2011 November. Why? This means Reliance for no reason is penalising me and collecting 2 months payment (November and December 2011). Why should I be penalised? Again it is almost 2 months since I noticed this and I have not received anything back. Every time i call customer care, I have to start explaining from beginning and each time I get different answer.

  • Do
      20th of Aug, 2013
    0 Votes

    Our first daughter was six days old, in the beginning of March 2010 and someone you had contracted work out to put in a new hot water tank. The current tank at the time was rusting and giving us dirty water, which we obviously didn't want for our baby. The contractors had to turn the gas off and not caring about the job they had done, did not do something right before they left. Because our hot water tank is also a boiler for our furnace, we discovered the furnace wasn't working that evening and we called Reliance only to be told it wasn't their problem. We KNEW that it was because the contractors had to do something while they were working on the hot water tank. Your solution - you would come the next day, leaving us and a 6 day old baby with no heat on a cold winter's night. Needless to say it was unacceptable to be left in the cold with a newborn and you FINALLY agreed to have someone come out. It was an easy solution and the person that came to fix it was nice, but the fact that we basically had to fight with a company to fix their mistake when it meant we were freezing was unacceptable.

    Sunday, we noticed the hot water tank was leaking. My husband called Reliance and they said someone would call us back within three hours. We were called back approximately 45 minutes later. We were told by the contractor from Brunet that work is on a voluntary basis on the weekend and none of his guys are volunteering. Coincidentally we again have a newborn in the house. My husband explained this and he didn't care. When my husband said he would get someone else to fix the problem, the representative stated he couldn't do that because it is not our property. His suggestion was to turn off the hot water tank and hope that 60 gallons of water didn't continue leaking in to our basement. He said someone would be out to our house on Monday between 9 and 10:30am. This is VERY inconvenient with two small children, especially when washing hands is critical to a newborn's health.

    Monday, I had to call back to Reliance at 11am, as the contractor had not come. The woman called the contractor and confirmed they would be here within 5-10 min. They showed up shortly after this, but were still 40 min late when we were already given a 1.5 hour window. The two men that showed up were not very professional, they did not put a mat down and walked on our off white berber carpeting once before deciding to go back to the truck and get the mat. They then walked on the floor again to put the mat down. The mat should have been put down the first time, and in a way which prevented them from having to walk on the floor at all! The problem was fixed within 15 min but the situation did not end there.

    At 1pm I went down to see even more water than the original problem on our floor and the valve at the bottom was clearly leaking. After another call to Reliance, Brunet called us and asked, "are you sure it's your hot water tank leaking?". We really hate to be questioned when we can SEE the water dripping from the tank and have to put something underneath to prevent more water damage. I explained that the valve clearly hadn't been tightened enough. The same woman called back again at 2:40pm. She said that she spoke with the guys and they hadn't cleaned up the water after they were done the job. I said, "no, I'm telling you it's new water that I can see because they did not tighten the valve, you need to send them out because we aren't allowed to touch this." To be questioned twice when the guys you have sent did not do their job properly is extremely aggravating. One of the original guys showed up at 3:10pm to take a look, and sure enough he hadn't tightened the valve all the way. If I can figure out what was wrong within a minute of looking at this tank, obviously there was extremely poor work done on your behalf.

    You claim to have "Excellent Service, 24/7, Guaranteed". Yet you neglect to tell your customers that this is on a voluntary basis. Interestingly enough the two times we have needed service, it has been declined. None of that statement is true - you contract the work out to people who are unprofessional, late and do inferior work. A guarantee that work will even be done when you need it would be nice, nevermind "excellent service". These are the people you have representing your company?? Needless to say, we are extremely disappointed and we will be sure our next house does not come with ANY service that Reliance provides. We will be telling others about our negative experience to ensure this does not happen to our friends and family.

  • Re
      6th of Jan, 2015
    0 Votes

    one thing you can rely on is that reliance will not look after you. back in 1998 i had an energy audit done on my home by a incompetent company during the air blower test, that is when they put a fan onto the front door and suck air out of your home to determine the rate of air leakage you have, the tech did not turn off all the appliances that run on gas as they are supposed to do. as a result my boiler caught fire and was damaged this i found out after the test had been done the next day i called reliance because my boiler was not working properly they came and inspected the boiler and told me that it was damaged beyond repair because of the fire during the test, and that i needed a new one. Since it was January i needed heat immediately so i purchased a new boiler from Reliance at a cost of $13, 000.00, when i contacted the company that had done the test they came took pictures and said that i did not need a new boiler and that i could have had it repaired for a few hundred dollars. i told them that Reliance had inspected the boiler and that they said it had to be replaced so i asked the company what they were going to do about compensating me for the damage they did to my boiler their answer was nothing so i proceeded to take them to small claims court now this is where the wonderful people at Reliance come into the picture. when i asked Reliance to send me a copy of the service report that the tech had that stated the boiler was damaged and that i needed a new one i could not get anyone that knew anything about it. i spoke with every person including the service department head and explained that i need the report for the court case showing that i needed to purchase a new boiler because of the damage that was done by the testing company, but every one at Reliance had amnesia and could not remember the techs name or any report. i gave them the techs badge number and the date and time of the service call, but again no help. Reliance lied to me about the boiler needing to be replaced and as a result i lost the case and purchased a boiler i did not need, when i confronted Reliance about the fact they had lied to me they denied it i asked them to prove to me that i needed a new boiler as was told to me by their technician they responded that their technician would only give me a recommendation as to replacing the boiler, but that the decision to replace it would be mine, of course i explained to the wonderful people at Reliance that confronted with the option of repairing the boiler for a few hundred dollars or replacing it for several thousands of dollars i would be stupid enough to choose the latter. the only thing you can rely on is that Reliance is a crooked company that lies and does not care about its customers i will never purchase anything from them and will never recommend anyone use them, beware when dealing with Reliance and never ever trust what they say its only to get you to buy their products.

  • Re
      24th of Dec, 2017
    0 Votes

    An article named Lien on me: Furnace rental contracts can be registered against your home which unveiled Reliance’s immoral behaviors was posted on the news paper The Hamilton Spectator. The writer Al MacRury asked anyone who has had a consumer problem to contact him. Call 905-526-4665 or email him at [protected] 

    In the article, it said: The Ministry of Consumer Services says it's watching the marketplace and will respond if there's any sign of trouble. So let’s all shout it out and let our voices be heard. We need to work together and put them out of business.

    You can read the article by opening the link below:

    There are some other authoritative figures we can use to let our voice be heard
    1. CBC marketplace
    Email: [protected]
    Mailing Address:
    CBC News: Marketplace
    Toronto, Ontario
    M5W 1E6
    Fax: 416-205-2246

    2.Office of consumer affair
    This is the place you must go. The link of its home page is:

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