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It's saturday morning. I'm sitting in a freezing cold house as my furnace stopped working last night around eleven o'clock. I pay more than fifty dollars a month to rent the furnace and have free service and repair with that payment.
After being on hold for twenty minutes just to reach a representative, I was told that the earliest they could come was monday between eight and noon. Obviously this is unacceptable. They told me they would contact their 'dispatch' department and try to have our call bumped up and someone would call me back that night. Hours and hours go by... No call. I call back, just to be told the same thing. They're reading from a script and are obviously not allowed to deviate from what they are told to say. I asked to speak to a supervisor, and was told there isn't one there. They put me through to a 'lead hand' who read from the same script and wasn't at all helpful. He also told me someone would call back. Nobody did. My husband called this morning and was told someone would call back. Nothing.
I just got off the phone with them again. I waited a half hour just to speak to someone, and was told the same story.
I'm being told to sit in a house with no heat and wait for a call from someone in the service department who is going to tell me that they might be available before monday.

I understand that they are busy, but what am I paying all this money for? Apparently so I can freeze my ### off. We will be looking into another company after this...

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  • Ke
      Dec 25, 2008

    My furnace stopped working around midnight on the 21 of Dec. We called Dec. 22 at 9 am and I was put on hold for about 20 minutes. We were told that a technician would be out the following day, the 23rd. To be on the safe side I called on the 23rd to see what time we could expect to see the service tech. Being Xmas and all, we have a pretty busy schedule, as do all folks at this time of the year. We were told a tech would be here between 4 & 8 that evening (24 hours, not). The guy shows up at about 6:00 and is not familiar with pullies and really doesn't do anything to help get the heat going. Said he would put an order in for parts. Day two without heat. Dec. 24 I called 9:oo am to see what was happening with our service. On hold for 10 minutes, the girl on the phone could not find anything that the service tech had done. He had not put in any order for parts. I asked for a manager and of course there was none available. On hold 10 minutes. Hung up and called back. Got another service person, explained the situation. She did some investigating and informed me that someone would be out to get the part numbers. He arrived around 4 and couldn't understand why the previous guy hadn't ordered parts. He told us that there would be someone out to see us on Xmas day to repair the furnace. Merry Xmas everyone...still no heat or service tech. It's 12:15 Xmas Day. We do have a gas fireplace - thank goodness for that but it doesn't heat the whole house. 4 days without heat, but we do have a Reliance Home Comfort contract...maybe we should burn that

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  • Ji
      May 16, 2009

    Reliance Home Comfort is only be able to take your calls 24/7, but letting you wait in the cold for ever!!!
    And I guess they do not have enough technicians to support, or their contractors suck too.

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  • Da
      Jul 24, 2009

    Have a water tank, originally with Union Gas, never a problem. They sold out to reliance. I've been trying to get w/h fixed for months, they have sent guys out who say it needs to be flushed, but they can't do it, will send someone out. Three times now for approx 4 months. Nothing. Still have whitish water, which coats everything. Told them I am renting for service, if they can't provide the service, then I will buy a tank. Told I will incur charges for cancellation, as I am under contract. I never signed anything with them. This tank was in here long before they took over. What a rip off! They can keep charging - not give the service - and if you dare to try and leave, charges hundreds of dollars ransom fees.Is this even legal. I feel they have made whatever contract they are talking about VOID.

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  • Cu
      Sep 30, 2009

    Stay away from Reliance, they are just looking for money that's all plain and simple, they hook you in by saying free installation and free repairs and beyond the salesperson that visits everything else is crap. Signed up about a month and a half ago for a furnace and AC, that was my first mistake as I began to notice some problems shortly thereafter, unfortunately I made the mistake of referring some I know who needed a furnace before I experienced problems. It began with fighting with Reliance to have someone pick up our old furnace which was sitting in our backyard for a week, the installation technician gave us a phone number to call, good luck with that, could never track the person down, finally after fighting with Reliance, they had someone pick up the old furnace, wish I could say that was the end of problems it only got worse. Shortly after installation I noticed I had no hot water (water tank is also Reliance rental), took time off work for the service call only to find out that the "dumb and dumber" installation techs did not relight the pilot on the hot water tank (yes I suppose I could have done that myself, but why should I, I am paying them to do that and the fact it is a rental). Shortly after I heard from the person I referred to Reliance, they said they had a good experience and liked the fact they received a free energy savings kit, and a cover for their AC, now it isn't necessarily a big deal but I wasn't even offerred or given any extras, I had to go out of my way to get them and the first response I got was don't worry about the AC cover its only a rental. The latest hassle came with I used the furnace for the first time, no heat!, just cool air. Called Reliance, which promotes their priority response service for rental repairs, and was told it would be two days until they would come, two days!!! given the fact it was the end of September in Northwestern Ontario and getting below freezing at night, ya right! After accepting the two days, I called back and said I wanted a quicker response, I was told that someone would call, no one did. The next day after a cold night's sleep without heat, I called first thing in the morning, was told someone would come between 12 and 4PM, again taking time off work, at 2PM that day and still no call from a service tech, I called Reliance again to confirm that I had an appointment, I was told I did between 12 and 4PM and that someone would call before they arrived, well with minutes of calling Reliance, a Reliance van pulls up and I can clearly see the service tech on the phone, coincedence that I called and all of the sudden someone shows up without first calling me!, hmm. Anyways, the guy comes in opens the furnace and shakes his head in disbelief, "your gas value was shut off, looks like the installation tech guy didn't turn it on after installing the furnace", hmm, so let's see the installation tech guy doesn't turn on the gas after putting the furnace, well that would mean that the furnace was probably never tested to see if it worked!, there would be no reason to test a furnace and then turn off the gas!!!

    All in all Reliance promotes great customer service and high standards and values, but that all depends on who you talk to and who you deal with in that company. The installation techs didn't do their job, if they did they would have tested, not only the furnace (hence the gas valve would have been turned back on), but also relit the water heater at the same time, very unprofessional and incomplete work. Top it off with a dose of dealing with their customer service representatives and quite frankly you have the worse customer experience known to mankind.

    Reliance, ya, rely on a bad experience, that's about it!!!

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  • Ki
      Oct 26, 2009

    Hi loveofanimals
    I would like to apologize on behalf of Reliance Home Comfort for the delay in responding; we just became aware of your post. I'm the Customer Relations Supervisor and I want to ensure that the issue has been resolved to your complete satisfaction. Please contact me by telephone at [protected] or by email at [protected] if I can be of any help.

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  • No
      Nov 10, 2009

    Reliance- Hamilton:

    Brutal customer service. They always say "I'm here to help...I'm trying to help you"...No... You're trying to take my money. Their sales rep Carla is dressed for the clubs when she enters a meeting.

    Overall, Brutal experience. Very poor service/have been taking money from me for over 3 years now for equipment that is not functioning.

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  • Ki
      Nov 12, 2009

    Hello notimpressedatall,

    I am the Customer Relations Supervisor at Reliance and I would like to assist with any outstanding issue you may have. I am sorry to read In your post that the equipment is not functioning properly. Please contact me by telephone at [protected] or by email at [protected] if I can be of any help.

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  • Mi
      Nov 23, 2009

    well i am sucessfully sitting at over 2 weeks with no heat, and still being told they are waiting on part. i have ordered parts from china and got them faster myself! i have a 3 year old and a 9 month old in a cold house!!! i wonder who pays for me having to use my electric heat all this time while they pretend they are fixing it. have had my hot water tank 2 years and had it repaired 3 times now!!! This is completely unacceptable!!! never heard of taking mroe than 2 weeks to get parts!! I am extremely disapointed in service from this company. i have called numerous times to get same response every time. Been promised last 3 times that someone was calling me back and never got any calls. I am the manager of a auto service place and wish we could get away with being a day waiting for parts sometimes. let alone over 2 weeks. i could go on all night with my disbelief of the customer service short falls of this company. This si not how buisness is done as far as i am concerned. I am guessing this company is going to lose clientele all the time. cause there advertisements are not at all what you recieve when dealing with this comany... I am still sitting here with little electric heaters running and paying my service contract for what i am not sure. I guess i have learnt a valueable lesson in rerliances customer service and will be reassessing my buisness with this company!

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  • Ki
      Nov 26, 2009

    Hello Midhurst,

    I am sorry to read in your post that the equipment is not functioning properly and you are waiting for a part. Please contact me by telephone at [protected] or by email at [protected] if I can be of any help, as I would like to assist you in receiving a timely resolution.

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  • No
      Jan 15, 2010

    We noticed a problem with our hot water tank yesterday (Thursday) Jan 14, 2010, It was making a really odd noise, water was leaking from it and the pilot light was out. We called Reliance, reported the problem and we were told that someone would come within the hour to replace the tank. So after an hour and a half i called back, was then told someone was dispatched and would be here shortly. Finally someone came, looked at the tank said it needed to be replaced but didnt have a tank and would have someone come back . He replaced a valve and said it would stop the water from leaking, also said that we would still be able to use the cold water. He went out to his truck for the part, came in and stated that a techinician would be here tomorrow (Friday) between 4 and 8pm. A little over an hour later we checked the basement and noticed that there was water everywhere.. which in hindsight is because of the valve that he put on.

    So today (Friday) from work i decided at noon to call and ensure that the service repair guy wouldnt be at my house till after i was done work at three. I was informed by the rep that answered my call that the service guy had been to my house around 9:42 or 9:52am. Completely disturbed by what i just heard, i repeated the time to the rep and advised her what i was told the night prior at which point she advised me that what i was told was incorrect..

    Now Angry that I will be going home and having no hot water for a second night i vented my frustration until she placed me on hold and when she came back almost ten minutes later her response was that the soonest someone could get back to my house was Saturday between 12 and 4pm.

    So not only do I have a household with 5 people and no hot water, I also have to waste a day off sitting and waitting for a technician to come in with my hot water tank. I think that it is absurd that due to someones mistake I am without water, a flooded basement and a whole lot of wasted time.

    I realize that not everyone can be pleased and there are waitting times but when i have waitted my time and someone within the company has screwed up and i am being punished because of it that there should be a little more that can be done!!

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  • Iw
      Mar 15, 2010

    Called Reliance at about, 9pm saturday since my husband noticed that there was smoke coming from the funcice and a unny smell. I explained the problem the girl said that she can't help me because she only there for emergencies only, well I was shocked...if a smoking and smelly furnace is not an emergency...? Than what is, I asked the girl, her answer was...sorry mam but I can't help you. At that point I didn't know what to do, since it was the weekend all we thought of doing at that point was to shut off the furnace. Called them again first thin the next morning, I was tolled that someone will call back, and basically I was getting a ran around all day sunday. Monday morning called them, again I was tolled someone will call me back. The rep calls one hour later and tells me that he called but I didn't pick up well funny cause i was waiting by the phone all morning. Horrible customer service.

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  • Ne
      Apr 08, 2010

    I am writing this e mail to inform you of the results of the service call on April 7 2010 on our rental furnace. Chris and Andy spent over 2 hours trying to resolve the issue our furnace is having. There is a fault that continues to occur, the fault code was 57; High pressure switch contacts open. It happened on both furnaces now. Highly unlikely that its coincidence. The solution that was suggested by Andy was a new pressure switch which a previous technician had suggested on the first furnace and this did not resolve anything.

    This is the second furnace since June 2009 that has been installed and the same issue continues to arise and multiple possibly even dozen service calls and the solution still is not clear.

    We have dealt with several managers, service techs and have been guaranteed repeatedly that the solution has been found and the issue is done. We have had everyone apologize and say that Reliance is Reliable and customer oriented. If that is the case we have not experienced this. We were told by the sales rep we would get a furnace with 98 % efficiency, we got one 92.9% which in turn qualifies us for a lesser rebate by nearly $400.00.
    The original work order excluded the UV light which was to be installed… so that was another service call. We spent our 1 year anniversary sitting around the house with techs trying to sort out the fault our furnace continued to have. We received an additional 6 months free for time off work my husband had to take, for the difference in rebate and for our agitation we got the $500 dollar cheque for frustration guarantee in August BEFORE THE SECOND FURNACE. In October our furnace stopped working in the middle of the night. We left for work without realizing the furnace was faulted again and we got home at 5 pm to a house colder than 15 degrees. We have 2 6 year old children of our own and foster children we cannot have that. No tech could come out until the next day ( within 24 hours of the call) which I had to take time off work AGAIN. At this service call it was determined we would receive a new furnace. Doug Smith guaranteed the issue would never arise again. I refused to allow them to install another furnace until he guaranteed that our 14 free months would begin as of October when the new "working" furnace was installed. He agreed. As of now our furnace has faulted again this winter and our credit had not been reset until I called in and spent more time and energy trying to sort out the mess with Dominic.

    My husband and I no longer see value in having this furnace serviced or repaired. We are EXTREAMLY frustrated and have lost all confident in Reliance Home Comfort. We are requesting a meeting with management in person. We are tired of the service calls and the stress and worry about if the furnace will suddenly die and we are left without heat again.

    We had put in this rental furnace with the idea of buying it in the future I have no interest in paying for this equipment.

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  • Jo
      Apr 15, 2010

    This is a warning for anyone who has a Peak Saver thermostat installed in their home and has warrenty coverage with Reliance Home Comfort. Reliance will not cover repairs to your furnace.

    On March 26 2010 my furnace broke down and I called Reliance to repair my furnace. Their representative came in and after his inspection said to call Peak Saver because their thermostat was broken.Because it was a cold day he shoed me how to hotwire the furnace if I wanted heat. I chose to grab a couple of sweaters instead. A contactor from Peak Saver came in and reset the thermostat. It was not broken as Reliance said. The problem was caused by a bad belt which caused the thermostat to go into lockout position.

    While Peak Savers was over a call was placed to Reliance to see if it was ok to go ahead with doing the belt work. Mike Travers the technical rep disconnected from the call and I went ahead with the work.The bill came to $205.80 . After spending extra time and money faxing and photo - copying the various paperwork Reliance decided not to pay the bill because as Mike Travers said Peak Savers thermostats are a pain in the ### and we don't like working on them. They offered me 3 months of free warrenty to cover cost of belt which is an insult because it didn't cover labour to install belt and their warrenty is useless.

    I decided to go higher and file a complaint with Reliance.I sent an email to supervisor of customer relations.( She never returns my phone calls.)Here is her email reply.

    Dear Mr. Krupa,

    have thoroughly reviewed your situation below with the Service Manager. The Comfort Protection Plan you have does cover thermostats; however in your case, you have had a 3rd party, namely Peak Saver, modify your thermostat. This is a program offered by the local utility company. We are not able to work on these types of thermostats. The only options available would be to have Peak Saver come and fix it or replace the thermostat with a regular one. If the latter option was chosen, you would have been out of the Peak Saver program and lose out on future rebates for being part of this. Therefore, unfortunately Reliance will not be able to assist with the costs you incurred for utilizing the Peak Saver contractor to fix the issue with the thermostat.

    If you have any other question or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me directly.


    Kimberly Allen
    Supervisor, Customer Relations
    Reliance Home Comfort

    Peak Saver program is being pushed by Utility companies everywhere and Reliace doesn't want to spend the money to train their employees on a program meant to save consumers money and help prevent future brownouts by peaksaver is an innovative program designed to help you reduce the demands on the electricity system. During peak electricity demand times, typically on hot summer days, a signal will be sent to reduce the electricity demand of your central air conditioning system, which in turn helps to reduce the amount of electricity needed by the Province. You won't even notice a difference, and you're doing your part to conserve without incurring time, effort or cost!

    I spoke to the contractor from Peak Savers and he said they are not dificult to fix.Reliance just chooses not to spend money to train their people.And why should they when from reviewing the complaints board if a knowledgible and competent third party has to come in to fix a problem that Reliance didn't know how to they won't pay.
    When I signed up for Reliance warrenty I was told everything was covered.First time I have to use their service they make up excuses not to pay. Its like the Michael Moore movie Sicko. They like collecting your premiums but when it comes time to pay they find reasons not to.

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  • Mi
      May 29, 2010

    Regarding my complaint of 26 May 10.

    I noticed that most of the complainants never post results of their complaints.

    I would like to say thank you to Kim at Reliance Customer Service. Kim called me and reviewed the situation. Once misunderstandings were cleared up, the situation was resolved to my satisfaction. The techs did arrive mid afternoon Friday 28 May and the problem was fixed within 15 minutes.

    Hopefully everything will continue to go smoothly.

    Thanks again Kim.


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  • Ho
      Jun 11, 2010

    I work in the industry for more than one competing company, and I will say that these types of issues are common. No matter the company, the type of equipment, or situation. From an inside perspective I would like to state that I understand the frustration, especially when you are not knowledgable of the equipment. This seems to be a situation that could have been resolved easily but instead was passed around, which is unfortunate, but happends!

    I deal with customers everyday that are very frustrated with their situation but can be easily dealt with if there is a level of patience. I see too many of our customers loose their cool and end up without service because no one wants to take the verbal abuse when speaking with the customer.

    When it comes to ordering parts, Companies always go through a 3rd party! If they are on back order, there is nothing the company can do, you can call the supplier to follow up!

    When you are waiting on hold for 20 mins, this would mean the call volumes are up, which would also mean the techs are overloaded, hense why it would take two whole days for a tech to arrive, common sense. Call volumes sky rocket when the temps peak! So not only are you calling, 30 000 other customers in the surrounding areas are calling as well.

    -Ask yourselves, how would they service 30 000 customers in one day?
    -What happends to that workforce when the call volumes are low?
    - Is there a way that a company can balance themselves during these times?
    -If there is such a high call volume, wouldn't the techs be overwhelmed?
    -why would I force a tech to come to my home at all hours of the night after they have been working for 14 hours straight?
    -Why would I berate these exhausted people with my frustrations because they are unable to work any faster?

    You must remember that they are a business, and they are in it for the money! 90% of the decisions made are based on what is right for the business. If you do not want to deal with this type of practise than dealing with a large corporation might not be for you, so you will need to own your equipment, and service it yourself. To service it yourself you would need to be a licensed technician, so you would need to go school for this type of career which could take a year or so. The $5000 or so for the schooling would have been the 10 years of protection you could have been paying. Account for your time and parts, and WOW suddenly going with a big business like this is a BARGAIN.

    Please people, there are hard working individuals behind this name and many others, before you post messages like this please take into full consideration the situation and scenario. There are some that have been handled horribly but others such as the one above are unavoidable from ANY company!! Patience is key during extreme weather, and everyday people are working hard to get you the service you deserve and understand your issues. They are truely doing their best and are honestly concerned on your behalf!!

    Just as a company is trying to screw you, there are 1000 customers trying to screw the company!

    Please take this post into consideration and please remember your honest hard working neighbour that works around the clock to make sure you truely are taken care of!

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  • Bi
      Dec 15, 2010

    Wow did I ever make a giant mistake.
    I bought my first house, we did some renovations and our furnace was destroyed. We decided to go with Reliance and rent one from them. A new high-efficiency furnace.
    They came, installed. Everything was great.
    Until about a month later (around early November) we realized that our thermostat was set at 26 degrees but it was really only about 23 in the house. Hmmm
    Then suddenly one day the furnace stops works! We call they say they can't come until mid day the next day. I took time off work and sat around all day. Finally the guy arrives and it is down around 5 degrees in my house. He opens up the furnace and tells me that it just isn't igniting properly and he bent it to be closer to whatever lights it and that should fix it. He leaves.

    Exactly one week later it breaks again. I call AGAIN. AGAIN they can't be there until the next afternoon. We take more time off work. The guy hasn't down up and his 4 hour window is over. We call and complain. Tey say they will call the tech, they call us back and say that the guy is running late. Well DUH he is already late when we called! Finally the man shows up. He seems to care more than the first guy. Opens it up and says that the factory or whomever put the wrong part on it but he thinks he can fix it, it just isn't getting enough oxygen in the system. He does what he can and leaves a sticker saying he was there and what he did.

    Roughly one week later it breaks again! Now we have discovered turning off the power to the system via the breaker and then back on again re-starts the furnace. Doing this isn't a solution it still shuts off.

    This is NOT acceptable anymore why hasn't it been fixed?!
    I called and went up one side and down the other of the phone rep, I was passed to some supervisor or something out in Oshawa! I'm in Hamilton! I want my local people. He says he can't do anything for me, he jsut can't get anyone there sooner. Apparently 24 hour service is only a call line, not actual service. They should have technicians on call at night. I know some smaller companies do this, WHY DIDN'T I GET MY FURNACE FORM THEM?!

    I am furious, I made they they knew that. Luckily someone called with a cancellation adn we got someone in that night. So far it has been working since but it hasn't even been a whole week yet, *knocks on wood*.
    We've had to call someone back in tonight because the furnace isn't heating to the set temperature on the thermostat. At least we have a little heat now though.

    Apparently you have to reserve your issues prior if you want any kind of real service.
    If my furnace shuts off and won't start back up, I'm going to call reliance and have them remove the furnace from my house and cancel my contract with them without penality and I will be reporting them to the BBB. I suggest others do the same.

    Talk about new home ownership being a nightmare!

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  • Ni
      Jan 09, 2011

    DO NOT DEAL WITH RELIANCE HOME COMFORT. Only this company will sell you an unefficient ultra high efficient furnace. It was not till the warranty ran out and my thermostat failed that I discovered what they had done. Basically I used $2000 dollars more fuel than I should have because they did not install a 2 Stage Thermostat. THIS COMPANY IS ONLY CONCERNED IN PROFITS >>> SCREW THE CUSTOMER. It cost $200 installed to fix the problem, THE FURNACE GUY was great and I will deal with them from now on. My house stays warm all the time and the furnace just dribbles out heat. Truly Ultra efficient. Thanks to THE FURNACE GUY...

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  • Mr
      Feb 12, 2011

    I'm renting my condo in Ottawa, Ontario and Reliance will not bill the Tenant and as per their policy they are billing the owner that's it that's all. This would be the same as if the Hydro or Bell would change you directly and then you have to collect the Tenant.

    I hope Reliance read this...I will remove their " hot water tank " from ALL my properties!

    I am the client and if my money is not good for them, I'm sure another company will be glad to take it.

    Another UNHAPPY custom of Reliance Home Comfort

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  • Be
      Apr 04, 2011

    I went through a Reliance Home Discomfort abusive billing as well. They called out of the blue a year or 2 ago asking if I was interesting in a home furnace service assurance for a nominal service charge which would be covered by a rebate for the first 6 months. Fine. The bill was so first. It slowly increased the following year and then I was sent multiple bills at different prices. I called them and tried to cancel and was told I had to send them a letter in the mail to cancel. Good enough...after digging through their paperwork there was no apparent address to cancel so I called them back and they told me I could cancel by sending an email. They gave me an email address and I sent off my cancellation.
    In a short period I received a MAILER DAEMON indicating the email address did not exist. I called back and became belligerent enough that I was referred to someone that only gave me his first name and when he started going through the same spiel about having to mail them I told him to stop feeding me [censor] and cancel my account and the creative billing.
    He then got hold of his supervisor and I finally got a cancellation authorization number.
    The following month the bills kept coming with different values that could not be followed so i had to go back to their billing department to stop any collection agency from destroying my good name. I went through 4 levels of being put on hold with the same lying crap and would not get referred to a "supposed" higher person until I started swearing about their criminally insane abusive behavior. When the last guy finally got on the phone after about 15 minutes on hold I had finally figured out that I should be able to go on their website, sign up for my account number, and unsubscribe on their website...THE WEBSITE DOES NOT ALLOW YOU TO MAKE A PASSWORD TO ACCESS YOU [email protected]%$?.
    The last guy on the phone tried to make it go away if I just paid the last bill from the time I made the first complaint and after explaining that the bill was paid in full at the time and I had a bank record to prove it and that I wanted his last name and location of his office so I could sue, he sent me an e-mail verifying the account was cleared and it actually had his full name and a reliance logo.
    I think this is what the dragons on Dragon Den call squeezing the customer for more money.
    These guys should be in jail.
    We consumers need protection from this.
    I suggest anyone that has had to deal with this company or any other creative billing ( Rogers perhaps or Bell?) should contact their politicians during this election and have these thievery practices obliterated !

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  • Ka
      Jul 18, 2015

    I have on rent, seven hot water tanks and four space heaters from Reliance. One Hot water tank sprung a leak, my superintendent called Reliance and a technician arrived and confirmed that it is a leak, will take a few days to replace it. With permission from Reliance, we had it replaced by another contractor the very next day. Reliance was charging us $91. a month. The new people is charging me $75. month. The hot water tank was disconnected and left inside the Furnace room on May 29th. 2015, after a few calls and loud complaints from me, Reliance's contractor has promised to remove the tank from my premises. Reliance had also charged the June Rental for this tank. I am now told that the June Rental has been reverted and it will show in my August Bill.
    I am contemplating changing all the other rental units to Enercare.
    Hey Supervisor, Customer Relations, Reliance Home Comfort, do you want to lose a good customer?
    Kail T. Rajah

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  • Ro
      May 28, 2016

    This is unacceptable customer service in this day and age.I will be talking about a class action law suit against Reliance to my lawyer very soon.
    No hot water since this morning, and these [censored]es cant be bothered to pick up the phone.If I hear that recorded message once, Ive heard it a thousand times.
    I am placiing a call to the Ministry of Consumer Affairs, and I would suggest that course of action to anyone who has suffered from the incompetence of Reliance Home Comfort.

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  • Lo
      Mar 17, 2017

    To Whom it may concern:   
    Hello we are my name is Anne, my husband is Dan how do you do?  we are writing to express our disappointment with the service of reliance, I won't go into the long story of the daily and week to week problems here on e-mail because I know you can check my file on your computer.   Bottom line your company left us without heat for almost 3  weeks in a very cold March weather it averaged minis ten and twenty below c.  I called several  times,  in the end I had your company remove the equipment from my home, because they could not get our heater fixed. We could go out and buy one and have it installed before you would be able to get mine up and running. 
    Our disappointment is if they couldn't get the part why not put another space heater in?  But instead your company just left us with no heat and no return phone calls.  Its not like I let them forget about us I called several times letting everyone know there was no heat the only response was call us back when you receive the part. 
    It was in the 3rd week when we made the decided to have the heater removed, I mentioned I was going to have to buy our own unit and not one person offered to say to me, something along the line that reliance also sells space heaters and we could purchase from them with a discount for all the inconvience.
    But you took my March payment. 
    I'm not looking forward to my hydro bill because of the heaters I had to borrow and use.   My gas bill was just as bad because the reliance heater for some time kept trying to come on but would not. 
    Liz one of the people I was talking to told me there would be a one hundred and twenty five dollar plus G.S.T. to remove the unit.  I'm sorry, but I was blown away,  she did wave the charge for taking the heater out after I had to complain about that to her.   Thank you for that. 
    Liz made arrangements for the unit to be removed the next day, when the service man came he walked in and thought he was there to repair the unit.  I asked him if he had the part.  Of course he said no... so I explained to him your suppose to remove the unit.  The service man had no idea he thought he was there to repair (with no part).  Again he made more calls and finally it was removed. 

    I believe our situation should of been a priority since there was no heat for such a long time, but there was no solution on the side of reliance, which made me ask myself why I'm I paying almost $800.00 a year for your service?  What I am going to ask is that I would like my March payment since we won't be using it, if you would so kindly credit my account towards the hot water heater that I still have with reliance.


    Anne & Dan

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  • Re
      Dec 24, 2017

    An article named Lien on me: Furnace rental contracts can be registered against your home which unveiled Reliance’s immoral behaviors was posted on the news paper The Hamilton Spectator. The writer Al MacRury asked anyone who has had a consumer problem to contact him. Call [protected] or email him at [protected] 

    In the article, it said: The Ministry of Consumer Services says it's watching the marketplace and will respond if there's any sign of trouble. So let’s all shout it out and let our voices be heard. We need to work together and put them out of business.

    You can read the article by opening the link below:

    There are some other authoritative figures we can use to let our voice be heard
    1. CBC marketplace
    Email: [protected]
    Mailing Address:
    CBC News: Marketplace
    Toronto, Ontario
    M5W 1E6
    Fax: [protected]

    2.Office of consumer affair
    This is the place you must go. The link of its home page is:

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  • Ro
      May 15, 2018

    Hi there! How are you? We Henry and Roselle Timog. We live at 2669-24 Southvale Crescent, Ottawa, Ontario K1B4V2. Our Enbridge account number# [protected] 6. We have to make and file a compliant with this companies, Reliance Home Comfort, Viva Financial, and UtilEbill. Because, we got on scam. we are a victim of fraud. This companies are the door to door seller, that lied to us. they came in to our house, they said, they just want to check our furnace. but then they installed their products into our furnace, they said its free, and its Ontario law. we signed the pappers without cost. but then, all of a sadden they charges into our Enbridge bill. We are shocked! We tried to contact them to cancel their product, since January 2018. but they said, they cannot cancel it. We already file a complaint to the Comsumers Protection, against of these companies. We already advised by the lawyers of PROBONO ONATRIO.( legal adviser of Ontario) That, we have to file a complaint to Enbridge, against of these companies, to stop them/ stop the payments to them, and to remove in our Enbridge Acct. Please help us, Please remove this companies that changes in our Enbridge bill acct. as soon as possible. We really need your help.

    Respectfully yours,
    Henry and Roselle Timog

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