Regency Furniture - Brandywine, MD / deception

Brandywine, MD, United States

I once worked for Regency, and I am here to vouch for every negative comment posted! After working there for several months, I could no longer take the verbal, and mental abuse that Fela and Ahmad along with the "mattress mgr" Darryl! The three of them will tell a customer ANYTHING to close a deal and insist that the sales person's do the same. The way they think is, once they're got your money, it's a done deal. All I can say is really read the back of the contract and if you don't agree with something in the verbage, PLEASE walk away and don't sign, it won't be worth it in the long run! Also, please note that I am not a disgrunted ex-worker, I am really happy to have worked there, and now I really know the truth for myself. If you like them, then by all means, continue your relationship with this company, if not, move on!

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