Regal Cinema Edwards Theather 20 / rude and unprofessional manager

South Gate, CA, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 15629274432

Today my husband, daughter and i decided to watch guardians of the galaxy when we went we decided to play in the arcade games since the movie wouldnt start for another 30 minutes we were asked to leave because i hadnt bought my tickets yet. When i tried to explain and assured i was buying my tickets that my daughter just wanted to play A GAME. We were rudely asked to lave and when i asked to speak to the manager "Lil Milavos" he assured me that was his name. He proceded to rudely say that there was nothing he can do. I had to buy the tickets or get out. When i explained to him i was buying the tickets we were just going to play he said " well if you are going to buy the tickets buy them already and problem solved."and laughed. I considered this to be not only rude but disrespectful. I immediately asked to speak to his supervisor and was told to come back at 3. He said "well shes not here but if you want to speak to her you will have to wait till 3 when she gets here. Their is no one else you can speak to so are you bubuying the tickets? If not we are going to have to ask you to leave". That was it foreand my husband and me. First off all, its OUR MONEY. We work hard for it and we decide when and where we want to spend it. For your manager to expect me to do as he says with my money is ridiculous. Especially when were just about to spend more money in the arcade. 2nd we were obviously there to watch a family movie AS A FAMILY. And lastly, the attitude the manager Lil Milavos demonstrated was just example of the lack of proffesionalism in costumer service. I expect some kind of action to be taken since we were rudely kicked out. I will be awaiting your response.

Aug 02, 2014

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