Red Rooster Mount Ousleyvery poor customer service

I ordered the Family meal deal which included a whole chicken (I ordered it whole), A large chips, a large gravy, and a 1.25L lift. Upon arrival I had received a 600ml lift, no gravy and a chicken cut into 8. I have coeliac and cannot eat a chicken covered in stuffing. I am aware all chicken come stuffed however it does not coat the entire thing as the chicken in 8 does. I called and explained the situation and was told a 1.25L drink and gravy would be sent in 20 minutes. My partner then rang up beacuse he was appauled by the customer service & the fact we were expected to wait for the second half of our dinner while the first half got cold. Upon calling he was told that the man he and I spoke to, Rishavh, that he could not do anything, and to receive a 600ml and a half chicken with the gravy, in which we have already paid for, as well as a 1.25L drink would be sent out if we minized our orignal order. Upon second arrival, we recieved a 325ml can and still no gravy in which I will remind that we have already paid for. We then called back to see if anything could be done, and again was told he could do nothing. We wanted a refund by this point from lack of service and for the cold, small dinner we originally ordered. We are highly disappointed in his customer service and the fact he expected us to eat cold chicken and chips with the possibly of getting ill. Once again we are highly disappointed, as a regular customer I am sad to say Red Rooster has lost my service through lack of his.

Jan 23, 2017

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