Red Rooster / chicken burger without chicken on it and lack of customer service

Car Dickson Rd Morayfield Rd, Caboolture 4506, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

After a massive working week for both myself and my husband. We decide to have red rooster so while I finish up at work he is playing with kids at the park and picks dinner up on his way home. I asked my husband to ge me a crispy burger regular size combo with added mayo and a piece of bacon there is crispy chicken mayonnaise lettuce tomato cheese and of course my added ingredients on this burger. My husband gets home with our food so after our huge working week we can all have a nice easy meal as a family! Well I open my burger only to find that there is no chicken on the burger... So I call the shop not only because I am starving and want my food but also because the previous sunday we had had a slack night ordered the same meal and it happened then too they did the same thing so when I rung after it happening twice! I asked that they also replace my chips as I still need dinner and now have to waste more money in petrol to go receive my replacement burger and I am missing even more time with my family and not getting to eat properly. To be fair I also think that a little bit of compassion and decent customer service should allow them to update their policy to give the customer something for the trouble they have to go through for their mistake... But all I was told was that 'policy' only allows them to replace the burger... A regular chips that I didn't get to eat properly shouldnt be a big deal to offer / replace considering my whole meal experience was ruined not once but twice!! Not good enough!!! For the money we pay to eat this food there should be better policies and I am a seriously unhappy customer!!!

Dec 18, 2015

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