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My wife called red cross to report that we had a family member death. Red cross wants information and saying that because it is not a immediate family member they cannot do anything but when my grand mother die i was able to go home for that.See the Top 10 Worst Companies in Killeen, TX My chain of command is already aware of the problem and red cross said that it would have to be approved by a manager. This is outrageous. i am deployed and having to deal with this. This is an outrage. This needs to be fixed. my unit is just waiting on the red cross message.

Mar 17, 2014
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  • Fa
      Nov 02, 2012
    Red Cross - Never see them
    United States

    Try and find them is a storm...I have been threw 5 hurricanes in florida and have only seen one red cross truck...I used to give to them but found out they do nothing to help storm victims...No tents set up with food...No big tents to sleep in Nothing...What do they do with all of the money they get...Who knows maybe they take trips to Tahiti...It would not surprize me at all...

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  • Fo
      Nov 03, 2012

    I used to work as a receptionist(volunteer, because they couldn't hire one, their money went towards more important things, ) They don't use tents to serve meals or for shelters. They use undamaged buildings. Some of the people that need assistance have to be put up in motels for health reasons. They also don't distribute food for you to take home to cook, they serve meals. Most of the people that help out in the areas of natural disasters are volunteers. Where I live two of their ERVs left for the East Coast on Friday. It is up to the local area to provide some supplies. For example: Shelters need cots, blankets, etc. You don't seem to realize how things like the Red Cross works. Nine times out of ten, when there is a natural disaster they are the first on the scene. Another example: In 1972 there was a major flood(flash flood) in a city in the western part of my state. The population of the city was about 100, 000 and many lives were lost and there was a lot of damage throughout the city. They were so swamped with needing help from all sections of society. There were law enforcement officers from every department in the state going to help out, this also included my husband and another law officer from our local police department. My husband was one of these people that always poo-pooed what organizations like the Red Cross and Salvation Army did, but when he came home he was full of praise for them. But when you are putting organizations like this down, think about the volunteers that are there working to help people like you out. Think about the flood I mentioned, it happened in June and where I live June has a tendency to be quite hot, think about the stench caused by all the lives that were lost and the people that had to help search for all those missing people. Another thing when a person makes a monetary donation to the Red Cross on the memo line of the check they should write which Red Cross office they want it to go to, and if they want it to go to a certain disaster. If that isn't done, the money has to be sent to the National Office and the local office only sees a small portion of it, if any. Another thing, each local Red Cross Office has to have the money to rent their own building and buy their own equipment. If you lost your home in a fire, they would be there to help put you up in a motel for two-three nights until you could find permanent housing. They would give you vouchers for clothing for each family member and you could name the store you wanted to shop in. If I remember right each family member gets two complete outfits, plus a pair of shoes. In the winter each family member also gets a voucher for a coat, hat, gloves, and boots. When you find housing, if you need it you get a voucher for one set of bedding for each bed, and one or two sets of towels and wash cloths. I have no idea how the Red Cross knows about fires that happen in the night, unless maybe law enforcement contacts them. All I know is that no matter what time of day the fire occurs they are there to see what help is needed by the people affected. Do some research before you leap into things that you don't know anything about.

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  • Fa
      Nov 10, 2012

    Go see the people in Jersey and ask them how much help did they get from the Red Cross...

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  •   Nov 10, 2012

    ^ Like any good political prostitute, Chris Christie went whoring after the money in the wake of the storm. His posing and posturing with the poverty pimp POTUS not only netted him a tidy sum, but the ops will appeal to dems and independents and strenghten Christie's bid for re-election.

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  • Re
      Mar 17, 2014

    What type of family member passed away? I don't know how it works, but I can see where grandparents would be immediate family members, but maybe not aunts and uncles and definitely not cousins. However, complaining on this site isn't going to get your problem solved, You have to go to the Red Cross web site. That being said, instead of whining on sites like this do some research on your topic on American Red Cross sites.

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