Real Canadian Superstore / click & collect

Some of my items were out of stock—ok I get that. So I'm at the pick up station and I call to get my order. They asked me if I wanted the items that were out of stock replaced with something else.. I said I'll go in to the store after I get my order and find my own items. They said ok we'll bring your order out. I'm them waiting around 7 minutes and the guy comes out, and says to me, " go inside get your items and we'll add them to your existing order. Then we'll bring it all out to you". I said ok. So I went inside got a few things and went to the click and collect station where I was told that my order is already processed and they're unable to add my items— go to the check out kiosks. It's now already over half an hour from my pick up time. I said no I'm not going through the check out and left the items there. The front end manager is the one who said to me there's no modification aloud to existing orders anymore. Ok so I just wasted my time over this nonsense hassle when I'm in my existing time window! When I get Home to unpack my food I find the ice cream they picked is all freezer burned and half melted.

Nov 26, 2017

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