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Why do you think it is a shame when everyone believes what they read?
I could prove that their Internet Consulting Service has a “rotten smell” on my five fingers.
I’m a businessman from Toronto. I do conduct my Google Adwards program for many years. It is so simple you could train monkey to do that. Recently I became being bomb ordered by their so called “Internet Consultants” through unauthorized calling, who were trying to promote their “gimmicks” without basic understanding what they were talking about. O.K. I told to myself maybe it’s is just a sales personal. But when I checked their own advertising program on Google Adwards I became furious how negligently they burning others businesses money (they proudly declare it as 300, 000 + campaigns), if they don’t know how to manage its own expenses. I have included two screen capturers about their own advertising programs from Google Adwords.
Anyone with a basic SEM knowledge knows that to keep Cost Per Click as much lower as possible you have to have relevant content on your directed to web page and relevant advertising copy wording. And my question: Is it not a scam to charge others for the stuff they themselves have no any glue about.
What you could see from the picture of Markup Validation Service, their directed to Web Page has 44 code errors and (most important) 24 code warnings. It means that Google charges them extra for their clumsy page maintenance for their own PPC program. You could go to Google Adwords Landing Page and Site Quality Guidelines to find out why Google increases cost per clicks. But the previous opponent (a big possibility to be a representative from ReachLocal) who declares that:

“1st off- Reachlocal does nothing with SEO. Its SEM.
SEO and SEM are completely 2 different worlds. In no way does SEM(ppc) affect your SEO (organic/natural listings) on the page. You can contact Google directly and they will say the same thing. “

is purposely lying or once again doesn’t know what is talking about.
From next screen capture analysis even worse. Any marketing student will tell you that to find the best ad copy you need to spend 90% of your time on testing, testing and testing.
Unfortunately the screen capture shows only 8 their ads, in reality there 1, 377 same Ad Copies for different keywords that means in most cases they paid extra for non-relevancy with time frame almost 280 days per year. They vigorously were thrashing their money (how stupid it is) without any test or experiment to get a cheaper price for its own pay-per-click program. Do I have to trust them that other 300, 000 compains for other businesses are run differently and more professionally?
And the last point. Please don’t call yourself Internet Marketing Consultants if you proudly admit that you don’t do anything with SEO (organic/natural listing). I have checked 20 most searched keywords in their field and their presence was only for one keyword and it was place number 40 on Google, no presence on Yahoo or Bing at all. The most businesses, they run advertising program, have its own web sites and do I need so called “Internet Marketing Consultant” from ReachLocal who does not know how to increase my web standing organically to get traffic for free. It is like going to heart surgery specialist who admits that he does not know anything about anatomy or physiology.
By the way, why should they strive to bring more leads to your business doorstep, if their business formula is very simple: Cost pay-per-click + their markup is paid by YOU, no questions to ask.


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  • Dr
      Nov 07, 2009
    ReachLocal - ripped off
    United States

    Worst Company, had four reps in the last six months and are very uneducated and doubt the manager had a College Degree or knowledge of the internet world, cancel and kick them out they will sell you lemons and tell you it is lemonade.

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  • Ic
      Sep 25, 2010

    Wow sounds like you should be running your own sem firm. So you wrote a complaint and never ran with them.

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  • Sh
      May 29, 2011 is a scam!!! Their sales people are extremely rude, they use techniques that are absolutely ridiculous! Once you sign their contracts you will find out that what you are actually getting from them. Complete scam! Ask them how much their mark ups are and how much you are actually getting for your investment. $1 means $0.50 or less when buying your pay-per-clicks from Do not believe or trust this company!!! They will knock on your door as much as they can, but they also knock on your competitions door and tell them and sell them on everything and anything they know from you. They don't shy back selling to you and all of your competition as well. They are not loyal, they are not trust worthy. They are a scam!

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  • Ba
      Nov 08, 2011

    ReachLocal is a total scam, this company is not good with SEM, or SEO, try someone else.

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