RCN Cable Service / RCN Strong Arming Drexelbrook Residents

Drexel Hill, PA, United States
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The Drexelbrook community management has a contract with RCN as the sole provider of cable services to the community residents (1223 individual apartments). RCN uses this monopoly to strongarm (I can't find a more suitable term) community subscribers to pay un-naturally high fees for their cable services. I had RCN installed on 12/15/2008 with an understanding from a "suave" and "chummy" sales guy (who never bothers to respond to my calls since I cannot add anymore to his target) that since mine was an annual contract installation would be free and I would get the first 3 months of HBO free of charge. When I receive my first bill I see that my charges are $231.84! Apart from charging $124.80 as "installation" fees I'm also being charged for my "free" HBO package. Since I don't have a choice of service providers (speak about the freedom of choice!!) I'm being bulldozed into paying this. I've always lived by the tenet -"Silence of the good is worse than the evil of the bad". It is my trust that people out there who have a choice will read this and protest in the interest of free will and fair practice.


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