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Not long after becoming an rci member I received a phone call from someone posing as an rci agent who sold me a deceptive vacation package i'll regret the rest of my life since my husband and I are retired and on a fixed income and not in great financial shape as some retirees are. I inherited my timeshare resort who I share with my sister and use it alternate years.
The package includes: 1 - 7 day cruiser or 2 - short cruises plus 1 - 7 day resort or 1 resort 2-3 stay
Deceptions: I specifically asked if myself or my husband passes away would the name be transferable on the cruise and was told yes. I was also told the cost of approx $1, 800 was a steal since we could take exotic vacations to hawaii, mexico, the caribbean etc.. Other deception told is that it included everything. Not true.
Cruise problems: if you book with carnival you cannot transfer names. Carnival charges $400+ additional fees for taxes and fees. Other nice cruise lines you will pay $600+. Note these have to be paid when you book so you better have that cash on hand just to book and you are given a time limit to book. If you do not. You lose your money! Carnival is the cruise line we would need to choose because it doesn't have huge fees to get a decent choice on cabins. Be ready to pay big fat bucks if you want a balcony. Basically you get the lowest of low choice of cabins unless you choose an "old bessie" ship with carnival. If you want to get your cruise or resort package 2 years ahead you better make sure rci has your membership fees have also been paid 2 years ahead or you cannot book. I was just told this when I asked them. These are the issues I have encountered already and I haven't even booked yet so who knows what else I will find out that is upsetting.
Resort problems: the pickings are as slim as you can get. Hawaii? Plan on going during the rainy season because that is your choice. Last night I searched again and all the good exotic resorts have no dates at all available. The u.S. Inland resorts are nothing to rave about so you are paying over what it would cost to purchase it through rci as an extra vacation and the ones offered are not all the resorts in the directory. There are only a small amount compared to that directory. I am afraid to see what fees they will hit me up for when I try to book that!
When you are mailed your package for this package you have a short time to review it so you better not have a life so you can spend hours going through it to learn what I have so you can cancel my case I had a life going on preventing me the time to sit down and do this so I could cancel and we are stuck now. If I don't get my cruise booked by march 13'th we lose our money but I don't have the funds to pay rci and all the fees so I may be screwed unless god drops a blessing in my lap. I've been so worried about this I am having physical symptoms from the stress. No telling what else I will find out in this process.
Also, when I complained to an rci agent I was told he wasn't familiar "with them" ( Therefore, I question this whole entire practice of calling new members who are green and selling to older seniors who are on fixed incomes or vulnerable.

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  • Ca
      30th of Dec, 2014
    +1 Votes

    I also have this package and I too agree it is a total rip-off!!! I tried to book a cruise and upgrade to a balcony cabin, only to be told the "small upgrade fee" would cost us an additional $585.00 each. I could have booked the cruise (balcony) for $1400 to $1800. I will be paying almost double with upgrade and my certificate. WOW what a bargain. I feel like I have a gun in my ribs. RCI need NEVER offer me one of their so called great deals again!!! They should be ashamed.

  • Sa
      19th of Feb, 2015
    +1 Votes

    My husband and I are still working people. I bought this package at 1800. Will never do it again.
    By the time I got the cruise arranged and paid the upgrade, well... it just is not worth it. If you take the 1800, divide it 3 ways, that would be two cruises and one land vaca. So, 600 each. Well, the first cruise cost an additional 800 for the balcony for a total of 1400 for the two of us. it make me sick to my stomach to learn that others booked through Carnival and paid less than half that, like 675 for two people on a non obstructed view balcony.
    The land vacation is proving to be extremely difficult to arrange, they never have anything good at the times we can travel.
    The next time they call to sell me something, I think I'll just hang up. They aren't high pressure, but they are not truthful, so it is easy to be duped.

  • Sa
      20th of Feb, 2015
    +1 Votes

    I take back what I said about them not being "high pressure". I just got off the phone from booking my land vacation. I was surprisingly able to get a resort in Clearwater Florida, great. And the time of year I wanted, great. BUT, I had to pay an additional 427 to get it. It is a studio unit with half kitchen on the beach. I called the resort directly to ask them what their rates are. I was quoted $134 / night.

    So, once I booked it and paid the balance with my credit card, I was asked to hold for the manager to go over the details with me. I did, and he started talking about selling me another package. I told him I was not at all interested, he asked me why, and I told him (actually for the second time) that my experience was not good, that I really had a hard time getting a resort where and when i wanted. He carried on to explain all of the new perks involved in this awesome deal. I told him I was not interested, he offered to sell for 100 less, from 2499 to 2399. No. then he offered to add 400 credit for any upgrades and that my new experience would be fantastic. I told him: "that is what the seller of my current package told me". He was undeterred, went on and on, after about 10 minutes, I finally said " I am not interested and I need to end this conversation". He told me to call him back if I change my mind. Right!

  • Ti
      8th of Mar, 2018
    +1 Votes

    Arizona Attorney General is investigating international cruise and excursions. They are the real seller of these products. They're located in Scottsdale AZ all owners live in multi million dollar mansions in North Scottsdale.

  • Dr
      14th of Jun, 2018
    +1 Votes

    I am a victim too! To use the 1400$ package, I have to pay an exorbitant > 1000 dollars; Joe from customer service- RCI cruise told me that "I bought a cadillac and I am expecting a Ferrari quality that is ridiculous of me having such high expectation". I want to report them to BBB!

  • Ja
      20th of Jul, 2018
    0 Votes

    I had a good first experience of a package with them and we cruised to New York from Southampton; a balcony cabin for the 7 nights, but I had to book the 3 nights in New York myself as they wanted to charge me more than I could get it myself? I had to pay the docking fees in New York, but that was OK. I have since bought another package and this time there is lots of deflection from them; especially when I tell them the price for my cruise is more than I can get it myself? Having been a member of RCI for 32 years, with good service and great holidays in Timeshare, I certainly will not let this go lightly.

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