Raspberry Ultra Drops / Scam

ON, Canada Review updated:

I received a link supposedly from my sister (Not!) about the Raspberry drops. I ordered them . They sent me a link to track the package.. the link was useless. They also sent me another email saying the billing would be under another name african-mango.
I called them and after like ages got this guy ( who sounded like he just got up), he asked for my order number but doesnt seem to be checking on the computer. Put me on hold and the line went off. I sent a complaint and receivd nothing. BTW the complaint page says CONTANT instead of Contact. Finally I googled for their web site as it was not in their emails and found that it was a scam. Same modus operandi -- link came from friends email.

Mar 05, 2013
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  • Ke
      Mar 05, 2013

    I got the link supposedly sent from my sister ( she did not). I ordered the item. Received a confirmation it was shipped with tracking number. Unable to track anything. There was no link even to their website . Called their phone number, took forever. Finally they answered ( sounded like guy had just woken up) Put me on hold then disconnected. I tried emailing them--nothing. Saw on Google--It was a scam

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  • Li
      Mar 16, 2014

    My mom supposedly got the an email from my sister (so not true). She saw the "article" from Fox News (just an illegal copy of the website). She spent $109 and has yet to get the product. She and my dad both tried to follow the link in the email to track it and of course, the link led to nothing. When she gave me the details, I thought it was most likely a scam and looked up the products online. Sure enough, I went on google and found that it was indeed a scam. Sure, it may seem like it was real (there were a lot of the same type of products from other, actual companies), but you just really have to look into it and be careful of other websites.

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