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I ordered in October 2 of the Phantom wireless chargers off the inter net - It said Rama Deals-customer cancellation @ I cancelled this order within 30 minutes of ordering it because I realized it would not work with the age of my phone. I tried cancelling and they said it had already been processed. What they meant they had already charged my account!

I read their policy on returns and it said I could write refused on the unopened package and send it back. I went into my P.O. to see if I could get tracking from here and they said no, the tracking on the package is the only way to track it. I did that however, Michigan does not have DHL delivery so they had no way of following up with my refusal.

I have emailed with at least 5 people in Rama support and they all said the same thing...which was they couldn't deliver it due to an incorrect mailing address and once I let them know my mailing they would send me another charger(2). I kept saying I did not want them to send me anything, that is the reason I refused it. dah! I never got a confirmation from them that they have received the package back.

I got a follow up message yesterday ( after another email to them) that the address to me was incorrect so now we know they did get it back.
They are saying they can't refund my money ( 66.93) because they have a 30 day return policy...I did not have the package in my possession for more than 30 minutes so if they didn't get it in a timely fashion that was not my problem.

The order # was 60096 and the only tracking numbers I have ( they kept sending me these same #'s in our communications)
off their envelope it came in was - DHL eCommerce - GM28511732285887629 and on the back of package - Ul 12 508 052 9 DE.

I have reported this to my Visa fraud department.

Nov 24, 2018

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