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Dubai, United Arab Emirates
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For the first time in 8 years I faced financial problem due to loss of my job, delay in my salary and family emergency. For the first time in 8 years I was late in paying the full amount due (by few days). I have been spending over 20k every month, always paid my dues in full, however, inspite of being a loyal customer my first request for finance charge reversal was disregarded by the bank. My colleagues who were going through the same predicament after our previous company shut down were well supported by their bank as they offered them a one time reversal for late and finance charges. Banks like ADCB and Citibank Value their customer unlike Rakbank. Their call center stinks, I would really not recommend Rakbank to anyone, this bank treat their customers like a piece of crap. Made a mistake of continuing with the Rakbank card, will be applying for a new card from another bank soon and close all my relations with Rakbank.

  • Dear customer,
    Please contact us on 04-2130000 or provide your contact number for us to reach you.
    Thank you.

    RAKBANK Team

  • Updated by Jagmeet S, Jan 29, 2017

    I made a complaint on yesterday about the way loyal customers are being treated by Rakbank and I received a message from Rakbank to call customer service. I just called them and they just bluntly told me that the request 96478RR has been discarded and nothing can be done. I don't know why I was asked to call. Really disappointed.


Jan 29, 2017

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