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Complaints & Reviews

new way of getting money


I setteled the amount I need to pay to RAK bank from India 2.5 years back...Bank agreed to discount the amount of 500 dhms and I paid rest of the amount in US was 4000 UAE dhirms

Now the bank came back asked for another payment of 4000 Dhs saying it aggregated to that amount...An agency in Cochin is carriying out this...

So please be aware of any RAK bank sttelements you make through India you cant trust thease guys its all scam...And how these people operate with Credit cards

I have complete bill with me for my older payment

flawed cashback schemes

Rak bank simply better??? Please change this tag line, it does not suit the services and/or policies of rak...

credit card repayment

I had credit card with rak bank in uae when I was working in abu dhabi and due to bad sponsor and bad management I had to leave the country that too they made me to leave the country in bad way for which I am banned in the country for furthur jobs. Due to which I had financial crises for many months and I was unable to make payments for the credit card.

I had emailed them several times that I can make the payment in installment or I can pay them in emi which is accepted in every bank in but rak says they won't accept the payment like this, and they want all the money in one shot, which is literally not possible for my at my current situation. I requested them many time, and I had some payments as well but this bank despite of knowing all the situation are imposing interest further and making the things critical for me, and now a days they started threatening me for making the payments. And even my old parents are suffering because of all this mess created by bank. I tried to contact senior officials in the bank but never got there contact ids.

I am writing here hoping to get some help from here, I never said no from making payment only thing I require is some time may be of 4-5 months and they should roll back the interest rates imposed on me so that I can make the payment for the actual I had spend which could be in benefit of both.

Credit card no : [protected]
Bank : rak bank

Aby george

  • Ua
    uae-2010 Mar 30, 2010

    ABy where are you now. Interested to know your status

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  • Hu
    hussainmd Apr 07, 2010

    Join this group. I also have a debt with rak bank for 20000 Dhs. We are building up to raise and talk to them in public.!/group.php?gid=110407465652195&ref=ts

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  • Ah
    Ahmedqidz Jun 03, 2010

    They have unprofessional, ugly, bad mannered and cheap people in the Bank, it is the worst bank to apply for a card, they just want you hear what they say without hearing any part from you. I suggest we all write to the media and let the media take it up. Anyways i am closing my card with these [censor]. but i suggest we raise it to everyone so no body applies any card or loans from them. THEY ARE THE BIGGEST LOAN / CREDIT CARD SHRKS. SPREAD THE WORD THORUGH ALL MEDIUMS LET THEM LEARN.

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  • No
    NON PAYMENT Jan 14, 2011

    I ABDUL MANAF KT. CARD HOLDER OF-5124 0360 0016 6011
    BILLING DATE 14/12/2010 DUE DATE 8/1/2011.

    14/1/2011 REGARDS. ABDUL MANAF KT.(0091 80 866 90 558)

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  • Re
    Reviewer38658 Nov 24, 2015

    My credit card no 5239267156026004 was auto w/off in 2011 i have paid o/s dues of aed 4 only still the collection department is not clearing o/s amount. Numeras mails have been send to them no response i have paid aed 4 on 5.2.15 still same is not updated in their system

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[Resolved] insurance claim on ak bank card

This is with ref towards the insurance claim of my card [protected].

Im so sorry to say that the response from Ms tanias end is totally dejecting and just because of her irresponsibilty and wrong information I have lost my insurance.

Upon losing my job i called up RAK bank and they guided me to your number and upon calling (after trying for 1 full week where everytime the call would deliberately go in voice mail, which I was able to understand from my experience with your service) you had informed me to provide my Termination letter, Visa cancellation page, Offer letter .Ms tania fernandez informed me to come to the branch and provid ethe documents.You also added that the same will be processed in 3-4 weeks.U informed me that I can submit the same within 3 monthsupon cancelling my visa

I came to your office as per your instruction and at that time you told me that you need the visa page without cancellation.
Later on I scanned the documents and forwarded to Ms Tanias end.There was not any response and i used to try daily to conatct her and for a month thecalls were not answered and the same as mentioned before would go to voice call.Finally I got the phone connected to one of your colleague and thru her i got a chance to speak to you.The way of your talk was so rude and you were yelling at me and you told that my case will definitely get declined because i have crossed 60 days upon losing mey job.Later on you told that you have not recieved any information from the insurance, and again you gave me hope saying that my insurance may get processed as my termination was genuine.

Now Its going to be 6 months and till date no response and nothing.Im entitled for around 4500 Dhs as I was paying for the credit shield.My termination was genuine and if my insurance claim is declined its nothing but coz of your improper information which have misguided.If you misguide in such a way no one will get their insurance cliams.Upon losing my job, when i calle d her up why didnt they inform me the procedure, why did she ask fo rteh cancellation paper.
I need a clarification or else i will go legally against this and would definitely make the public aware of such forgeries that the employees are doing inorder to make a persons insurance get declined.I swear that I will go to any extend to make this sorted out so that atleast the rest people will not get fooled.


  • Resolution Statement

    Customer Service has done everything in their power to resolve the complaint. All attempts to contact the customer have failed. Therefore, the complaint has been annulled and must not be considered where image of the company in question and its services are concerned.

  • Wa
    Wasy M Dec 03, 2009

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  • Ad
    adnan ansari May 26, 2010

    Same they did with my brother Adeel Ansari, but that was dubai Bank. i think they all use same techniques ..

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  • Za
    zaink Mar 06, 2011

    same experience with First Gulf Bank

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  • Ra
    Rasi Jan 23, 2012

    I took credit card loan of 65, 000 dhs from RAK bank for repaying in 48 installments. Already I have paid 39 installments with credit shield. The paid value as credit shield is over 12000 Dhs. Now suddenly bank has cancelled the credit shield facility without my request & I am going to loose over 12, 000 Dhs and the credit protection.
    Can I take any legal action for this ? Can I request the bank to repay the paid money as credit shield ? Anybody knows the proper action to take against the bank ?
    [email protected]

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  • Om
    Omar Salem Obeidat Sep 06, 2017

    Credit shield is a big lie they use to take your money

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  • If
    [email protected] Mar 01, 2019

    anybody has idea do rakbank cover death insurance?

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[Resolved] 150+ continuous sms re late payment every minute of the day

my husband has just been made redundant from work which really affected our financial situation. I have been...