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Dear Sir/Madam

Let me Introduce my self, D S Kamble From Dubai, 4 Months Bank our company has opened a salary transfer bank account with RAK BANK UAE, While opening the account, i have been assured by the bank people that i will be getting a Credit Card, according to my eligibility, till now they (RAK BANK) has given me NO assurity, the CUSTOMER CARE Peoples are the WORST People of RAK BANK, they take their customer for granted, one of the customer care person told me even if i complain to their seniors it wont be any use, this is the way they talk, I SUGGEST OTHERS NOT TO OPEN ANY ACCCOUNT WITH RAK BANK THE WORST BANK IN UAE, VERY DISAPPOINTING & BAD EXPERIENCE WITH RAK BANK



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  • Pu
      Jul 23, 2010

    Let me introduce my self, My name is Punnose Rajan has taken the RAK bank credit card, canceled the insurance & credit shield on my card, even after cancellation the e-statements which is coming is shown that i am suppose to clear the dues on the credit shied, there is reference numbers for my complaints & the customer care people are only giving the false information & not even taking my complaint or giving any document number for my complaint, i am planing to lodge a complaint against the bank for giving the false e- statement.

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  • Sa
      May 05, 2011

    Dear Sir/Madam,
    My Name is Sachin Jain and I am having a Credit Card from RAKBANK, Now two months back i have changed my job and i want to change my mobile number and address with RAKBANK since then. I have contacted so many times with Customer care and Faxed the necessary form but no actions has been taken. I am contacting again and again and faxed that form around 5-6 times but nothing happened and these guys are contacting me on my old number which is with my previous company. IF RAKBANK CANNOT SOLVE THIS PROBLEM AND CANNOT CHANGE MY ADDRESS AND PHONE NUMBERS THEN I THINK I SHOULD CANCEL MY CARD.


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  • Su
      May 09, 2011

    dear madam
    i am sumitha skaria, i am having account in rak bank, here i would like to inform you that since 2 months i couldn't receive my monthly bank statement ( march and april) so kindly do the needful

    Thanking you

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  • Vi
      Jun 07, 2011

    I have relation ship with so many banks in UAE during the lat 14 years. Undoubtly I can say RAK bank is the worst bank in UAE. I applied for a clearance letter last month till now it is not processed, when I am contacting their toll free number they are giving the branch contact number on which you will not get any answer.
    vijayakumar, 050 7324549

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  • Kh
      Oct 28, 2011

    Yes this the worst bank in UAE because they take High rates for the credit cards and the customer support don't care about you because they are Indian people and don't have experience, The RAK bank credit card debt is bad because It grows fast If you don't pay and they will report you to the inter polo If your debt balance reach high amount, I don't recommend this bank, I recommend Dubai Islamic Bank and Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank

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  • Ne
      Jan 25, 2012

    my husband used to work in Dubai but in 2009 he asked for a 1 month vacation from the company because he needed to be by my side when I undergo surgery of the thyroid. He had a credit card debt at Rak Bank for less than 4000 dirhams. According to him, before he left Dubai, he went to the collecting agent to pay his dues, unfortunately they were closed because the said establishment was affected by the recession. On the other hand, he was not able to return to Dubai because the company where my husband worked was also affected by the recession. A local collecting angency is harrasing us to pay the dues 10x bigger .Unfortunately we dont have the power to pay now. can they send my husband to jail for not paying? thanks

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  • Cr
      Apr 29, 2012

    I am working in Al Ansari Exchange, we are dealing with customers as well but not that way RAK Bank employees dealing us. Infact Rak Bank guys losing their valuable customers. Today I received a call from the bank to pay my credit card amount as I missed last month. The guy was threat me that he will take legal action against me and he will call my HR department and he will fire me, he shout at me alot; I just listen to him till he finished his pressure cuz he must be pressurize from his seniors. When he finished his call I gone to my boss and told him everything about his call. So its simple guys; make a big heart and show them your good attitude and let them learn something from you. My suggestion is avoid credit cards specially, it has more hidden charges. its just hell.

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  • Ua
      May 11, 2012

    RAsKals ! I was in detention for a night holding a RAK Bank Clearace Letter ! I have settled the card on 15th and the CID came to on 16 afternoon. I am forced to stay in Khalidiya Station holding the clearance letter. The advocate did not come that day and next day I got released through the court ! . Better not to go for any credit card. Live with you means. No credit card or loan to maintain to a life style which not afforadable to you. Keep a good net work of friends and relatives. Help each other.

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