RadioShackunethical practices

Yesterday 2010-09-22 I saw RadioShack advertisement about HTC-Aria free phone with at AT t service plan. I tried to putchase it online, but it didn't work so I contacted their wireless department. The representative told me that I have to upgrade my at AT t plan - I told him that I am not interested and wanted to hang off. Then the guy said "wait a minute - I'll make you a deal" The deal he described was free phone with extension of my existing plan plus $15 for web-access and $36 activation fees.

I agreed and he asked me for my SSN - then he collected my private information and asked for credit card information including the verification number.

After keeping me hours on the phone he finally gave me the order number.

Soon after I received an confirmation email. Later I received another email from customer care asking me to contact them. When I did they asked $119 for the phone. I told them that they can't change the order, but they didn't care.

They switched me to the HQ which confirmed that RadioShack is asking me for more money.

It is unethical to ask for more money after the fact. I can't believe that RadioShack has such low standards.


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