RadioShack / scam charges

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This morning I took my VCR to radio shack with the intention of having it repaired. Everything was all said and done when the person behind the counter said it would cost $85.00. I informed him I would pay the deposit of $20.00 which is customary, and the balance upon receipt of the repaired VCR. He refused to do this. I asked him if the policy has changed. He said as long as he was with radio shack this was the policy. I regularly take things to radio shack for repair and am fully aware that this is not the policy. I then advised him that if he was not willing to charge me for the deposit only I would complain about him. He then told me that when I complain about him not to mis-pronounce his name and he gave me a business card, crossed out the name, and wrote manger on it. He then told me that he makes up the policy and that it is whatever he wants it to be and that when he entered the $20.00 amount for a deposit which I gave him that his computer asked for a balance of $65.00. When I walked into the store 1st, heavy rock music videos were playing and he was on the phone. I asked him to deal with the customer 1st and then the phone, to which he said he must 1st wait for his terminal to warm up. It was now 4 minutes past opening time of ten o'clock. After he had entered the information about my VCR, and after knowing that I expressed interest in another item in the store, he advised me that he would help another customer with something and come back to me. After he finished with the other customer I said forget it and he gave me my $20.00 back, and I walked out of the store with my broken VCR. I then took the VCR to a radio shack store at 1365 younger street where someone took my complaint, $20.00, and received the VCR for repairs, courteously, and efficiently.


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