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My husband purchessed a new cell phone for my birthday the sales rep offered a protection/replacement plan he bought it but upon trying to use it I was told by Al at the warranty phone number given to me by radio shack that hes sorry but the plan we bought doesnt cover accidents even though she told us over and over again it even covers WATER damage!!! I now have 2 cell phones and a camera bought from radio shack with protection plans that dont cover anything!!!

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  • Ka
      18th of Aug, 2008

    WARNING*** DO NOT purchase their Service/Replacement plan it is a total rip off.
    My son purchased a replacement plan for his IPod which was attached to his receipt. When we had a problem and called in I was first told I would be sent a return label and gift card. I never received the return label so I called again. I again did not receive the return label. On the third call I was told I in fact did not have a replacement plan but a service plan and I would need to bring the IPod into a local store for repair. I was told the clerk must have attached my receipt to the wrong brochure.
    Since we purchased this product they have shut down the two stores in my area that were within a reasonable distance. (I now can understant why!)
    I was told I would be sent a box to return the IPod for service.
    Two weeks later after still not getting the box I called yet again and was told this was not standard procedure for a repair. They are still working on trying to get me a box.
    In my opinion they are ripping people off with these phony plans that they do not stand behind so don't waste your money.

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  • Pa
      23rd of Sep, 2008

    In May of '08 I purchased a Sirius Satellite radio receiver for my car. I thought it would be a good idea to also purchase the service plan, as it offered "No Hassle" replacement by phone, as well as "Protection From Rising Replacement Costs!".

    In September the power adapter died (not the radio, just the $10 adapter). I went to the same store I purchased it from only to find out that I couldn't just swap the adapter out (even though the person who sold it to me said I could) - I had to call the service plan # and file a claim. I begrudgingly did so and the service plan rep told the clerk to swap out a different adapter. We tried to find one that would fit but couldn't. We also tried replacing the fuse in the original adapter but when I tried to use it again the fuse in the car blew out..

    Anyway, I had to call the service plan rep back to request a formal replacement - which it turns out they don't do. Even though the service plan promises "Protection From Rising Replacement Costs!" they will only issue be a RS gift card for the original purchase price (the price has gone up $10 since then). Even though the service plan promises "No Hassle Replacement By Phone" I have to ship them my bad unit and then wait 5 to 7 business days and then return to the store to purchase a replacement.

    I argued the logic of spending $$'s on a replacement plan that does little more than allow you to return the item and get your money back. The people I spoke with seemed to agree with me, but that does little good.

    Avoid purchasing service plans from Radio Shack. They are dishonest when discussing it both in person and in writing.

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  • Jo
      25th of Sep, 2008

    I totally agree. Avoid RS replacement plans. You have to jump through many hoops, and they do this knowing that many people will simply give up on the process, therefore reducing RS's payout. Bad business!

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  • Do
      29th of Sep, 2008

    i work for radio shack and i get really pissed when i read artlicles like this.

    i know what you are talking about when you mention rude managers, please understand they are not all like this.

    i also know how many of the young and new sales people really dont know what they are selling and will sometimes say almost anything to get you to buy the product.

    i am not a manager, but an employee who enjoys his job and working with people. that is the difference.

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  • Lo
      13th of Nov, 2008

    I purchased the plan as well and I highly advise you not to purchase the plan total rip off... Total rip off...Total rip off...

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  • Da
      19th of Nov, 2008

    I managed the radioshack in oneonta until just before it closed and we never sold ipod's. don't get me wrong, radioshack carried them, but our store NEVER got the first one.

    I do know that those things are sent back to the manufacturer (RMAC'd) and if the local store were still open we would have just given a new one to make customer happy.

    BTW, ms. Chappell, aren't you the woman from the private christian school that I got new computers for under the service plan?

    Anywho, just goes to show that not all stores are alike, even under the same RS corporation! I am sorry you are having a problem with your item. My advice is to take it to the store in attalla at 5 am on the day after thanksgiving and demand a new one or demand they "check it out" for you right there. Trust me, the COMMISSIONED sales people will do whatever they can to get you out of their hair so they can get the "easy" sales of black friday. just a thought. (a thought that will work!)


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  • No
      25th of Nov, 2008

    Had you not purchased the Radio Shack Service Plan, you would not have been able to return it. The RSSP allows you to get the price + tax. The store only gives you 30 days to return the item and get your money back. What happens after 60 days if your item stops working? NOTHING. You are at a loss, but with this plan, you are able to get another item. Yes, you have to wait, and you have to call, but you get the money back to buy another one!!!

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  • Th
      15th of Feb, 2009

    Let me get this straight? You're complaining that you were told that you got a replacement plan BY PHONE and had to call? What did you think by phone means?

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  • Jo
      3rd of Mar, 2009

    I bought a cell phone with the plan and was told that it would be a no hassle replacement even for "wear and tear" and found out the hard way that it was B.S.

    My phone is Sprint Touch (Vogue) and the touch screen itself has deteriorated so i went into the store and was told to call the number. $119.00 to replace the part myself... might as well try it. I called and they set up a return with a fed-ex box. I sent it in and it was turned around much faster than I thought. There was a reason for it. The got the phone, polished up the screen (guessing), but they didn't replace the digitizer. the same dead spots exsisted and you can clearly see all of the markings. I asked them after calling back angry... "what exactly WAS done?"... they reset the software. I was irrate. I said Heck... I did THAT before I sent it in so all of my personal data was wiped out as a privacy measure for me. They set up another return... hopefully this will go better.

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  • He
      14th of Oct, 2009

    RS service plan is garbage. They have and had my GPS for 5 months and they tell me they are waiting on a part. They sent it back to me twice after numerous phone calls but both times I sent it back and they continuously tell me about a part. Well, they should have gotten that part b4 they sent it back to me. They have it for a 3rd time and states they are waiting for a part. I purchase this GPS and service plan and I have no GPS. I have not had it for 5 months. It's as though I am not a owner of this device. I'm pissed and disgusted and I will never purchase anything from RS again. Still waiting...

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  • Ah
      14th of Jan, 2010

    i agree that they ripping people like that in every store (bestbuy/geeksquad) RadioShack i bought these 25$ headphones with the replacement like 4 months later my headphones didnt work i had to call..i called..i was suppose to receive some email in 2 week later i called again because i did not get any email. They said that it was because they wrote the email was way i gave them my email..LETTER BY LETTER..i still didnt get no DAAMM i called again and they apologized and this time i did got the email..NOW I AM TRYING TO PRINT THE LABELS AND DOCUMENTS AND I CANT!!! i have to download ADOBE READER ..WTF ..omg this is so irritating as trying not to curse...all this process to get my $$$ back .uuuuuggggh!!

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  • Rs
      6th of Feb, 2010

    For every one of you who complain about service or produce, I help thousands of customers a year with my products and services who are very very happy with my solutions, advice and product performance. If you think every RS customer comes here to offer opinions your nuts.

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  • Fo
      31st of Mar, 2010

    Ha... I USED TO SELL these exact same plans at my Radioshack. Yes they are a rip off except I get them on small stuff so I can get it replaced with a gift card after they are outdated or broken. Like a bluetooth or headphones. DO NOT BUY A REPAIR plan... only Replacement plan!

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  • Hu
      16th of Sep, 2010

    I work for the warranty company, I deal with customers day in and day out, I'm sorry that you think the plan is worthless, maybe you should try reading the terms and conditions for yourselves. Also, you can try contacting the warranty company before purchasing the plan to verify the information. We don't get the option to do what we want to help you, we have set guidelines and must do what they give us. Not to mention the fact that all of our information comes from the RadioShack Corporate office. So before you call in and act stupid try helping yourself by looking into the warranty information, that's why it's given to you. The replacement plan gives you your money, plus the tax, to purchase something of equal value. The repair plan uses RadioShack's licensed repair centers to fix and replace parts. We don't pick and choose who we help, we don't say "Hey I don't like this person's name so I'm going to give them a hard time." We do what we can to assist you. If you don't like getting help then go away.

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  • Pe
      3rd of Jan, 2011

    Found this by searching for others with similar experiences. Hunny-pie: You state, "So before you call in and act stupid try helping yourself by looking into the warranty information, that's why it's given to you. " You may want to stop assuming people don't read. The RS Cell phone service plan states, "Includes In-Store Replacement" in big letters, the salesperson states, "All you have to do is bring your phone in, and the small exclusion print states, "Limited to cetain compoents and accessories, " then I'm going to believe they will stand by that. I read it. They aren't honoring it. It's wrong.

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  • Hi
      4th of Jun, 2011

    Same problem here. Bought a phone in-store 4-29-11 with 1 yr. replacement plan for $6.99. Our business goes through at least 2-3 phone sets in a year, so I figured why not get the warranty and simply replace the phone with when it quits out? My expectations for Radio Shack, it's products, and it's cohorts were way too high. The phone gave out 6-1-11 ... 33 days after purchase. Brought it back to store expecting an immediate replacement phone. Got the manager's speech about procedure on replacement plans - you don't get any replacement phone at all - an eGiftCard will be emailed, to which I can use in store to replace the phone - IF the gift card even covers complete replacement cost, and the manager could not guarantee I wouild receive the amount of original cost. Read the back of your store receipt - Regardless of the replacement plan, the warranty information on the back of the receipt says 90 DAYS FOR DEFECTIVE MERCHANDISE. I raged at the manager and demanded he give me another phone right then. Manager did not handle me professionally and bacisally told me to get out of his store. Since we now had no working phone at the shop, I had to go ahead and purchase another of the exact same phone for $34.99. Radio Shack can suck it on their replacement plan. I put the broken phone in the new packaging, and returned it to a different store against the new purchase receipt and got a full refund. There's more than one way to skin a Radio Shack employee.

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  • St
      28th of Jun, 2011

    I am having a similar problem right now. I have not gotten a gift certificate they are still trying to replace the phone. My phone was defective and instead of just giving me a gift certificate they sent me the wrong company phone. They were suppose to replace my virgin mobile android but instead they sent me a Sprint HTC 4G . I don't have a Sprint account. I am still trying to get this phone back to them and get a replacement for my other phone.

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  • Ye
      16th of Aug, 2011

    i currently work for assurant and many of you guys do no read the T's and C's a store rep will tell you anything to sell the the warranty always make sure you verify with that current warranty company that it does cover what a store rep says. and we do not do in store replacements with radio shack anymore due to many problems extending from that. so only a EGC, Plastic or CHeck in the mail for the PRP plans. i do agree alot of the plans suck but the PRP has been the best i have been dealing with and that does give you something in replacement. so instead of acting up like a child you should handle this in a adult manor if you been duped for a crappy warranty then please verify first before you buy. why throw cash out on someones word to start with? then get mad at the warranty company that has nothing to do with that situation?

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  • Va
      9th of Feb, 2012

    i got a evo 3d protection plan had to wait for a replacement for two weeks also when i got the replacement they didn't send another battery. they knowingly did that when the whole phone was water damaged. its not worth the hassle. yes i to was told i could swap it out in thw store for a new one that very same day. horrible customer care.

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  • Ma
      22nd of Apr, 2012

    I am a Radioshack employee and you need to make sure you got the plan with the accidental damage. There are different ones. If you are within 30 days, you can still add it if you don't have it. The rssp's really do work when you get them. You can ask to speak with the store manager or if they won't help, ask for the district number and speak with them.

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