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Radio Shack / rude manager

1 College Square Shopping CenterNewark, DE, United States Review updated:
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I have never complained about anything in my entire life and it takes ALOT for me to get mad. All of the time i have waisted trying to get this $100 dollar computer charger and money in gas I wonder why am i waisting more of my time writing this... because I don't want other people to experience such bad service or waist time like I have on this day.

It all started this morning when my computer charger had broke due to a default. Me and my boyfriend go to Radio Shack to get a new one because I had a very important essay due the following day. It is very convenient since it is the closest place to us as opposed to Best Buy. My boyfriend goes into the store and comes back out telling me that the employee in their had sold him a charger on sale for $40 and had told him that was the right one. We get home and find that the charger wasn't even a charger. We drive back and they tell my boyfriend that the guy that sold it had already left and they didn't know why he sold that to us. They plug it (the computer) into a new charger and and another employee tells us that this is the one that works now, sends us home, and the light won't even come on. I call thinking that maby i was doing something wrong. The manager, Mr.T, tells me that that was the right charger. I explain that the light isn't coming on and ask if maby i should just "wait a little longer." He says "Well if the light isn't coming on than there's nothing u can do about it so u need to bring it back in, ". I say thank you and hang up the phone. About a half an hour later me and my boyfriend arrive back at the store for the third time. As soon as we walk in all of the employees explain that they gave us the wrong tip for the computer and that's why it isn't working. The manager, Mr. T, begins to help us. I ask him if the charger is going to work this time and from that point he begins to be very rude and has an attitude. He tells me" Well, I'm not going to know until I plug it in now will I?", me not knowing that is isn't already plugged in. Than I explain to him that I drove up here three time today, keep in mind I'm still being very sincere. He says "Oh, really?I didn't see you in here at all today", knowing that my boyfriend was in here all three times. Than he tells me that he doesn't know if he is going to have a charger for my computer so I ask him if there is somewhere else close by I can get one from. He starts really getting mad and tells me that if I want to go somewhere else it is no problem and he can refund my money. Than I say "this is ridiculous" wondering why he is being so rude. He snaps and tells me that he is going to refund my money and is now longer going to help me. "You can go somewhere else, "he says. So i told him fine than give me my money back. He preceeds to walk into the back of the store when I ask the other manager if there was a complaint number I could call. Mr.T comes out from the back and is being very polite at this point trying to "act like a real manager" maby to cover up is ignorence and rudeness in front of the other manager.

So in conclusin, I have never been treated so unfairly as a paying customer and I have never seen so much ignorence and disrespect in a store in my whole entire life. No paying customer should have to be treated so unfairly so I will never step foot back into that radioshack as long a I live. Thank you for you time.

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  • El
      6th of Jan, 2009
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    Send a complaint to your local BBB, and then send in a copy of this web complaint link to the main office of Radio Shack.
    This manager sounds like he d be better off flipping burgers instead of working with the public. It sounds like he is a child and needs to be terminated from his job before he loses anymore customers from his company.

  • Js
      12th of Feb, 2009
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    I'm a 48 year old Male, and consider myself to be a shopping expert. In my opinion Radio Shack employees are the rudest and most ignorant of any retail store I have ever set foot in. It's a direct reflection of the company itself. They don't care who they hire and in turn the employees have no common sense or customer service skills WHAT SO EVER! My ten year old has more common sense.

    A typical experience walking into a Radio Shack store is... two employees behind a counter, talking to a customer while you wait patiently in line...and wait...and wait...and wait, and wait... all the while you are completely invisible to them!
    They do not acknowledge that you're waiting with purchase in hand, they do not even consider saying 'We'll be with you in just a few moments folks" or "Thanks for waiting we'll be right with you just as soon as we can". No way those words have never been heard in a Radio Shack store. And God forbid you ask them if both of them will be a while... they look at you as if YOU"RE the one who is rude!

    You're looking to purchase some batteries and they're hopelessly trying to activate a cell phone and they expect you to wait while they try and figure it out step by step!

    They should be the new standard for the ever popular "light bulb" jokes. How many Radio Shack employees does it take to send you home furious?

    Many experience this kind of customer service now days, but Radio Shack takes poor service and ignorance to a new level. While other retailers may occasionally demonstrate poor Radio Shack they take pride in making sure that you can experience this kind of ineptitude any time you'd like by merely setting foot in their store.

    I think I just got a great idea for a comedic documentary...24 hours in a radio shack. More like a horror movie now that I think about it!

    J. Stein Easton Pa!

  • Tr
      25th of Mar, 2009
    0 Votes

    Yoyur first mistake was to go find a charger for a laptop computer without the laptop... Duh!! The are hundreds of chargers out there .
    Not even all of the same models use the same charger . My experience at RS is totally different, I find the sales staff very helpful and knowlegable, , , unlike Wal mart employees who couldn' care any less.

  • Po
      29th of Dec, 2010
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    J. are just as ignorant as you make them seem. I work for Radioshack and we don't HAVE to say we'll be right with you or anything. If we are with a customer you SEE that we are with that customer. If one employee is helping the other one then there has to be a reason. He could be new or he might not know what he's doing completely. So don't go complaining that the associates weren't helping you cuz they were helping someone else.

  • Co
      29th of Dec, 2010
    0 Votes

    Portboy88 You need a lot to learn kid I have work in RS and we do say that??? I don't know which RS you work before or work now . then you have two RS worker trying to ACTIVE a phone A ONE person job!!!

  • Po
      13th of Jan, 2011
    0 Votes

    No not all employees are told to say that. It's nice to do it but we don't have to. And if you read what I said Complains1984...if one of them is new then that would be why they had 2 people working on it. You obviously didn't see what I said.

  • Ch
      11th of Jun, 2011
    0 Votes

    I can usually walk into a store and be greeted by nice welcoming people. I come in and i get a hello from a guy who I'm not sure his name for the fact that he wasn't wearing a name tag. His hair was messy and looked greasy and his shirt wasnt tucked in like the other employee. I came in to purchase a battery and at the end he asked me if i carried a cell phone. I said yes and he asked me who it was through and i said at&t he then asked if i was eligable for an upgrade and i said I'm sure that i am but am not quite ready for one yet. Then he asked to see my phone and i showed him and its an older phone but he was being very pushy to try to get me into a new phone just because the phone that I have now is "ancient" and getting a new phone i may or may not like even though I'm happy with the phone that i already have. I just feel like even though he's the manager I believe he shouldn't be so pushy and rude to his customers who walk into his store

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