Racetrac / unethical behavior

Garland TexasGarland, US

RaceTrac store #423 Garland, TX 75042. I go to this RaceTrac several times a week and have for many years. This morning at 5:05 a.m. March 24, 2017 I was AGAIN treated with unbelievable disrespect by an employee behind the counter. This was the last time I will ever tolerate this type of behavior and bullying from this woman. I do not know her name but her description is that of a black older woman with short hair. She seems to work the grave yard shift. On two other occasions this woman was extremely RUDE almost to the point of hostile. This morning I was "ORDERED" to put my money in her hand. ORDERED. Not once but twice. My money goes on the counter every time I come to the store and so does every other customer I happen to see. This woman does NOT follow any of your company's employee rules. I personally will not be "FORCED" to put my money into anyone's hands, ESPECIALLY when their hand has been in their mouth and nose. The health board should be called as that is nasty behavior all by itself. Your company has a serious problem with this woman's attitude and behaviors. As far as her verbal display of hostility, she is ready to blow. In all my years as a paying customer I have NEVER been treated with such despicable disrespect!

Mar 24, 2017

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