RaceTracmarlboro cigarettes promotion

I am complaining because I have been buying Marlboro Promotions at 3 packs for the store amount as you can see on my app. No one ever told me the limit was 6 packs at a time. What happened to being honest? I pay over $60.00 for 9 packs of cigarettes, was never ask if I want a receipt until today. My points on my app hasn't been put on each time . If you go back and look on my app again you will see. This should be posted that you are allowed 6 pack limit.See the Top 10 Worst Companies in Ocala, FL I don't pay this money to get my money stolen from me right in front of my eyes. This is outrageous to learn this after how many packs? You ppl should know as you keep up on your sales. I will further take my business elsewhere if I am not refunded at least the part on my app. Please teach your employees to specify what or how many or maybe put it on your signs. This is how ppl getting stolen from, from corporate offices it is WRONG and like I said you will not get another red cent from my pocket. I chose your store but now I will go elsewhere.


Aug 09, 2018

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