Racetrac / customer service at the counter

This evening I stopped into your

Racetrac #2324 2250 Camp Creek Pkwy College Park, GA 30337

I bought a bag of Fritos and a Cheesy Chicken Taquito or I think that's what is was labeled. I wandered up to the counter not knowing there was a gentleman standing behind me. Tamika told me that the line was behind me and that I was in front of someone. It was an honest mistake. When she waited on the gentleman behind me, she immediately darted away from the register as I began walking over to her counter. Tamika began pushing food out to the area where I got the Taquito. I look around and see another person come over to the register as the line was getting longer and try to open a register (Valerie). She didn't have a pass word so then she went to the back and another young lady comes out and opens the register. At that same moment. Tamika darts back to her register and shouts "next customer in line". I couldn't believe it!! She waited for someone else to open a register, because she didn't want to wait on me. Valerie, finally comes back to the register and rings me out. I asked for my receipt and a bag for my items. She placed my Fritos in the bag and as I reached out for her to hand it to me she THREW it on the [email protected]#$%^&. WHAT KIND OF CRAP IS THAT!!!

I have been in customer service over 30 years. This is a reflection on the Manager of this location and a culture that your Corporate office apparently nurtures because of the location near the Airport. I don't even live in this city!! To be treated in such an obnoxious manner is unacceptable in every aspect of customer service.

To top it off, I was charged for a hot dog and not a Chicken Taquito Really!!! I am adding the receipt. I have never been treated so badly at a Race Trac before until this tag-team duo!!!


  • Updated by Sapphire Diamond, Jul 30, 2018

    Do something about those individuals so no one else has to deal with this on a Business Trip or otherwise in your city!!!

Jul 30, 2018

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