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[Resolved] Qwest Phone/Internet / dishonest sales/sneaky billing

1 WA, United States Review updated:

I signed up to add an internet promotion to the phone line. After myself and another person in the house verified that the bill would only reflect an addition of 14.99 for internet, 8.00 for modem, and the regular telephone bill (which was 11.00), and there wouldn't be any surprise charges, I signed up.

I received confirmation in the mail that showed the internet agreement, but also showed the phone service had been changed to a "silver plan" which was 29.99 before taxes. When I called, I was told the 14.99 internet was only valid with the silver plan. I was angry as no one had agreed to change the telephone plan.

After nearly an hour of speaking with Maureen in Customer Loyalty, we had worked out an agreement that gave the account certain discounts. This would make the total bill close to what I expected when I initially signed up. This would only be valid for 4 months, at which time we could disconnect the internet and have the phone go back to "basic" service. I clearly verified with her (as they ensure you need to) that the bill would only reflect a phone charge of 14.99, plus internet charges of 14.99 and 8.00 per month. She said, other than the first month, when they bill in advance, I would expect my bill to be app. 38.00 each month before taxes and discounts. I agreed to this and hung up.

I just received the bill and there is a line item charge for both telephone and internet noted as "Service Changes and Additions". This is a total of approximately 35.00 more than Maureen told me I should expect my bill to be (also a "surprise charge" that no one revealed even when directly asked). I haven't called them yet, but their deceptive business practices warrant a complaint. BEWARE! Get everything in writing from these people!

  • Resolution statement

    Customer care service did everything in their power to resolve this complaint. All attempts to contact the complainant have failed. Therefore, this complaint has been annulled and must not be considered where image of the company in question and it's services are concerned.

  • CenturyLink Customer Care's Response, Jun 02, 2009

    Hello, my name is Brian and I work for Qwest. I ran across your post here, and I am curious if I can help resolve the issue that you are experiencing. I do apologize that you have been told you were going to receive one price, and are now receiving a different price than you were expecting.

    If you would like my help, please send me an e-mail to, and put my name in the subject line.

    Again, I apologize that you are having this experience with us, but I look forward to helping you resolve this issue.



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  • Lu
      17th of Dec, 2011
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    Here is the deal they are selling now they say they are not selling. The exact same thing happened to me. But I know how they operate, so I signed up for the internet only for $19.95 a month for a 1 year contract and called back later to add a basic line $18. But I knew she bundled it, and waited for he to "verify" what she actually did, she has too. When I reminded her I did NOT want to bundle and only wanted the basic line, she very nastily said "Oh, so now you want to DOWNGRADE?" Like castrating me over the phone. When I got the first bill, it was massive. When I called them, they said the rep wasn't authorized to sell me that plan. They also said the wouldn't read the notes back to me and not tell me why they never sent me an order confirmation email I had requested. I called their verification system, but the system didn't log that kind of info. Bu the agent read the entire script to me, inserting the deal. I know they record those, they have too. But they refused me access to them or to have them transcribed. CHAT, its the best way to get it in writing. Following is a link to their plans, the one i singed up for is the first one titled 12 month offer. Right now they offered me a 50% off deal, but now can't test the other speeds, it was $19.95 for ANY speed. Keep in mind, customer service is about servicing the customer's wallet, not the customer's needs. If you don't bundle, they are not interested in servicing you. Most phone companies don't advertise their basic phone plan. By lay, they have to offer one, but aren't required to actively advertise it. Right now, Centurylink has a "deal", HSI for $19.99, home phone required., but they are charging $45 dollars, their basic is $17.49!

  • Lu
      17th of Dec, 2011
    0 Votes

    Please forgive my spelling above, I can't see very well. I can't seem to find a way to edit it either. If a message comes off illiterate, it's not going to be taken seriously.

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