Qwest Communications / incompetent customer service

Phoenix, AZ, United States

I am not a Qwest customer, even though Qwest has a monopoly for Internet, phone and TV at my apartment. Instead I have Verizon mobile broadband and read my Amazon Kindle instead of watching TV. Why?? Because of the incompetent customer service reps at Qwest. I thought it would be easy to call in and order internet and TV. I was wrong. First, they were confused because I already had a Directv account at my home in Dallas. It was difficult for them to comprehend that I did not want to transfer my service - I just wanted a second account here in Phoenix. Apparently their computer (or its operator) had problems setting up my account because I already had an account. They needed a credit card number. I gace them a number and a billing address, the same one that Directv already has on file. They called back to tell me it was declined. I asked them to read the nmber to me and they had dropped 2 digits but did not recognize that they had the incorrect number of digits for AMEX. I gave it to them again. It was declined. I suggested that they check the billing address...oops they had used the service address, not the billing address. On the 3rd time it went through and we scheduled installation for TV and internet. Next day I got vice messages and finally they got through to me while I was taking my mother to the doctor. I was informed that my credit card was declined once again ( with the implication that I was some sort of ###ed deadbeat). I gave up and told them to just cancel the whole thing since they obviously did not know how t enter a credit card and billing address. Who knows what more they would have messed up if they actually knew how to enter my credit card. In the meantime, I got multiple fraud alerts from AMEX - someone kept trying to charge my card and they didn't know the correct billing address. I have been a Directv customer for over 10 years and have always received excellent service. I fail to understand why Directv would affiliate with an irresponsible, customer-unfriendly provider like Qwest. I sent a complaint to Directv and Qwest. Directv promptly answered, apologized, and referred my complaint to management. Apparently irate cstomers are common at Qwest and since they have a monopoly in this apartment building, they don't really care about my complaint. I am really glad that I am only here in their monopoly building for a few months and would never again consider moving anywhere that Qwest has a monopoly.


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