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The manger of this store has in appropriate conversations of a sexual nature with her teenage employees about their father who is married. The general manager of this franchise feels that it is a personal matter between the store manager and this child's parents. However, this store manager is having these conversations with the child while at work in an "employee - boss" environment. This store manager has also left vulger, profanity filled messages at the home of this child's parent and step-parent, which have been played for the general manager whom has taken no action against the store manager. I only wish I could find the information for the owener of this franchise because I would love to give him a piece of my mind about the caliber of people he chooses to employ as "management". All I know is if I were to behave this way at my place of employment I would certainly not have a job for long. I would suggest not allowing any child to work for these people, it will be nothing but trouble for all involved. On another note due to this I know I will never purchase another item from Quiznos and would suggest that any parent, step-parent or anyone that cares about the emotional and psychological well-being of children do the same. These people need to be shown that they can not be allowed to exploit our children and their emotions.

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      Jun 25, 2009

    your kid can walk off the job at any time and find another, especially in fast food (btw great job on the parenting. Fast Food? Thats a great environment to put your kids in.. maybe she'll tell you about the great pot she smokes by the dumpster with Leroy and Jose after work.) You must never have worked in fast food in the past 10 years or you would know this already.

    Thats the only lesson that needs teaching.

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