Quicken Loans / the way I was spoken to by your representative

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I had a conversation with Mr. Dan Trotter yesterday, and to say the very least, I felt humiliated by his questioning, and by his tone. It's none of his business that I give a reason why I've waited so long to refinance, he did not provide me his NMLS number at the initiation of our conversation, listen to the tape, and after being in lending for 33 years, there is no way I would ever speak to a prospective customer in the manner in which I was spoken to. His tone was extremely condescending, and he's lucky I'm not taking this complaint further. I NEVER want to hear from Mr. Trotter or Quicken Loans or make certain I will escalate my complaint. To say that I was extremely upset after speaking with Mr. Trotter is a huge understatement. You would be better served to hire employees that don't talk down to prospects.

Joe Sook

Apr 29, 2017

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