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Quicken Loans/One Reverse Mortgage / mistreated in hiring process

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I was out of work and looking for a job in the mortgage industry. I had been doing mortgages for nearly 20 years. I have been everything from an underwriter, A team leader( 50 employees), Loan processor and a loan agent. I have worked for big names like, Greenlight Financial, Century 21 and other fortune 500 companies. I have a BA. in business/ Finance. Have an excellant resume. I have letters of recomidition from all of these companies and most of my references were either V.P.'s of these companies and even some owners. I put my resume to them. They contacted me and right away did an interview with what they called a college/ recuiter. The interview went like I was being judge, with stupid questions. It was very uncomfortable, made me kind of nerves. But anyway he said it looked great and will be contacting me . Well, a few weeks went by. He started calling me twice a week saying hang in there its going to happen. Me being out of work with the economy the way it is I was kind of excited. I heard they give you a base pay, then you can make a bundle. At this time the base pay could have gotten me out of debt a little a this point. Have a 6 month old and a wife to support( i told them my history) We were in so much debt the house, cars and even food. I expressed the need and was very humble to them. He kept telling me "it's going to happen hang in there". The calls kept coming twice a week for nearly TWO months. Finally I knew the next class was in a copule weeks, so asked if I was in it, he said Yeah. Two days before the class was starting he said I don't think this month class, were going do next months class. He said he's been out of work for a few weeks( the recuiter). I said OK. Then the month went he called me in with a team leader, had a interview. He said" I like you were going to give you a shot". I was happy getting my family out of debt and feed. Just a little backround check then you start on this date. Then the HR person calls me with information after information. IT WAS A JOKE.Then I did this seminar and meet the VP's and fellow workers on a wednesday.The class was to begin on Monday. It got to Friday I got a call from a different HR person asking me questions like who's this employer and they had pulled a history of my LIFE. It was employers from my high school days and even collage jobs( I'm 41 years old) 20 years ago.Itwas very odd. They did a backround check of my whole life. Well I got a call on that Friday saying we don't won't to hire you. I asked why? they said we found a misdeamor ticket in 1992. I nearly puked. ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!! After dragging me along for 3 months, they found a ticket( that was taking care of very very minor). 18 YEARS AGO> So if you want to get let down go try to get a job there IT RUINED MY LIFE THANKS

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  • Co
      Jan 11, 2011

    They possibly finally found out how illiterate you are... you obviously didn't have someone read this before you hit send.

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  • Ma
      Feb 09, 2011

    I stopped trying to slog through this sloppy wall-o-text when I got to "recomidition" WTF?? Can you really not see why this place laughed you out the door? If you can't respect yourself and your thoughts to write properly, spell correctly and use paragraph breaks, how can you possibly expect the world to start taking you seriously?

    Do you seriously think adding those bizarre, obnoxious, random capitalizations in the middle of your sentences somehow makes you look literate?

    "I like you were going to give you a shot" WHAT? They like that you were going to do what? You felt like you were being a judge during an interview?

    Ruined your whole life because you sat on your ### not taking care of your family for three months waiting for what?

    I could only skim and pick out a few ludicrous sentences here and there; no way is anyone going to waste more time trying to translate this slop than you didn't spend dumping it on the page. No one is ever going to respect you until you respect yourself enough to check your spelling and grammar, and FFS, make sense!

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  • Rt
      Aug 15, 2011

    Perhaps your grammar had something to do with not getting hired.

    Perhaps it was that you sat around for 3 months doing a whole lot of nothing.

    Perhaps its your spotty resume showing you have inconsistenly worked in every dept in the mortgage industry (top producers always stay producing since that's where the $$$ are)

    Or...perhaps it is because Quicken only hires new, inexperienced people who are too green to know what is right and what is wrong. You likely have a lot of knowledge having worked in every department over 20 years. They really don't want you telling them how they are doing everything wrong and are screwing people over. They already are aware of it and don't plan on changing since it works for their business.

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  • Fe
      Oct 23, 2012

    Wow people are mean! God help us as Americans no sympathy or empathy at ALL!!!

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