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I was thinking about looking into this and like a dummy filled out an online form. They called my home about an hour after that and haven’t stopped since. I never answered any of their calls or even spoke with anybody and still get up to 3 calls a day. If you enjoy personal privacy in your home “STAY AWAY” from these vultures. They will harass you to no end if you show just the least amount of interest.

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  • Tr
      Apr 17, 2011

    that's the god's honests truth!! they harrassed me at least 2 times a day for months! even after I cussed them out and treated to call the cops! they still continued!

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  • Al
      Jul 12, 2012

    We never contacted Quicken Loans about anything! We don't need a mortgage, ours is nearly paid off. One day the UPS man brings a "certified" package from QL offering a re-fi. We promply shredded it. A couple days later, the phone calls began at our home and our business. Sometimes they claim to be following up on the letter they sent to see if we want to apply for a loan. Other times, there's nobody on the line and it disconnects shortly after we answer. They call every day at our home and business. Today I blew up and yelled at the guy and told him not to call us ever again. How long will this harrassment go on? If I were looking to apply for a mortgage, this would be the last place I would try!

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  • Qu
      Oct 09, 2013

    Totally agree - they're getting desperate. I get three calls a day, followed up by email, which goes directly to Junk. Apparently just being polite and telling them I'm not interested and taking me off their call list doesn't work.

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  • Ji
      Feb 17, 2017

    I rarely got marketing calls on my cell phone until I made the mistake of filling out a Quicken Loans for because I was just 'thinking about" refinancing. It was just a simple inquiry and I didn't go through with it. Didn't even talk to anyone at Quicken Loans but damn if I keep getting inquiries for this anod other junk. NOW, I get random marketing calls from different States, Tx, PA, NJ, FL to name a few. Funny this only happened after 1 initial contact with Quicken Loans. I'm pretty sure Quicken Loans sold my number for their profit. Because of this harassment, I will NEVER use Quicken Loans, EVER!

    I'd love to return the favor with Quicken Loans CEO's private number!!!

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