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Quality Resources or Value Plus / Hang up on Quality Resoures or Valus Plus

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Today, I was attempted to be scammed by Quality Resources/Value Plus organization. The phone number is [protected] from N. Charleston, North Carolina. Beware of PO boxes. Some telemarketer from membership services will answer the phone who knows nothing.

I think I made a purchase recently on-line, unfortunately the company gave out my address, card number and my phone number. They will not give you the name of the company from which they got the information. The company says they will give you $40.00 gas card and save money on all of these great products. All you have to do is authorize to release your credit card for a $1.00 charge. It's a scam. Hang up and report them to BBB or the Federal Trade Commission. I am going to check my credit card and will probably will get a charge on it from ValuePlus.

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  • Je
      22nd of Jan, 2008
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    These guys are crazy. While on the phone I even told them about this review, that they are a scam, and they insisted that they have been in business for 15 years and are legit. I didn't divulge any info other than the casual "yes, that is my mailing address" and "yes, that is my birthday". Now will also be watching my bank account like a hawk. Heaven help them if they charge me anything... my lawyers will have a field day with this.

  • Je
      9th of Feb, 2008
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    UPDATE: I just got two charges from this company and one of its partners on my cards... One is directly from Value Plus for $1 and the other is from a place called AMA Health Options for $9.95. Looks like these guys are in for it...

    Some other research has turned up that most of their companies come out of Minnesota or Las Vegas. Also, if you call them ASK them to verify your address before verifying yours (A mistake I made). It turns out that for most people they actually have records that are 3+ years old and in some cases don't have them at all!

    I will keep this site up-to-date with my dealings... I hope others will see this and not get duped in.

  • Je
      16th of Feb, 2008
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    UPDATE: Well... I called my back to let them know of the charges and then called each of the two companies to refund my money. Both of them claimed that I had signed up for a 30 day trial period to which I told them no, I didn't. I then asked if they would refund the charges already made to my account and both of them agreed they would. I have since seen the refunds come across my account so, for the time being, they made good. I will be continuing to watch this account to make sure that they do not put any charges on it in the future.

  • Jo
      22nd of Jul, 2008
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    Hello (name) My name is John Smith and I am calling from Quality Resources because you recently purchased something from one of our marketing partners and this call may be recorded for quality and security purposes and I will be brief. The reason we are calling today is just to let you know as a preferred customer you’re receiving $50 dollars in gasoline vouchers in the mail. These are free and good for one year and you can buy your gas anywhere in the U.S. Now these should arrive in about 2 weeks so please keep an eye out for them, in the same envelope we’re sending the first 30 days of Budget Savers for only $1 dollar. It’s a brand new saving program that will save you money at a couple hundred stores like Home Depot, Target and Best Buy also restaurants like Chili’s, Red Lobster and McDonald’s. This is something we only send to preferred customers so there is no obligation to keep it and nothing to send back. Even if your not interested, make sure you don’t throw away the gas vouchers, the $50 dollars in gasoline vouchers is our way of saying thank you for being a preferred customer.

    Remember the 30 day trial is only $1 dollar. It gives you full use of all the discounts. If you decide to stay a member after the first 30 days your benefits would extend automatically for just $24.95 a month again that’s only if you decide to stay a member after the first 30 days. It would be charged to your (Visa/Master Card/ American Express) ending in (last four digits). You can call and cancel anytime, on the toll free number that’s located on the front page. Either way you keep your $50 dollars in gasoline vouchers as a thank you. You still live in (city/state) correct?

    Great, before I transfer you to our verification department to read your address back to you and to verify I did my job correctly, do you have any questions? When I transfer you, you’re going to hear a click. It may sound like I am hanging up. I’M NOT! It’s very important that you hold so you don’t get the same call again, ok? Enjoy your $50 dollars in gas vouchers, please hold.

    TCPA=Always Attempt / TOL=we will add you to our internal do not call list.
    That’s fine Mr. / Mrs. (last name); if you have any questions call 1-866-280-4252. We are not calling from Visa/Master Card or American Express; we are a company calling you with a discounted offer. Have a nice day.

    This is the script they read to you, they changed their name from Value Plus to Budget Savers but its the same stuff.

    How it works is you agree to the dollar for 30 days and then get transferred and they up sell you two other packages. They are trial periods.
    $1.00 - Budget Savers goes to $19.95/$24.95
    $9.99 - Health Package goes to $49.95
    $1.99 - Entertainment goes to $ 19.99 (i think)

    This sales script is a proven script to make people say yes even when they dont want to, spread the word.

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