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Quality Inn / harissment

1 Kearney, NE, United States Review updated:

My Husband, our two kids 7-months and 18-months went on a vacation up to nebraska for a couple of days to see my family and then go to iowa to see his family we had planed on staying three nights and i wonted a hotel with a pool in nebraska. We also went because my brother just had a new baby. So we get this room #224 and we found out after my husband had smoked one ciggeret in the room that it was a none smoking hotel. the front desk failed to tell him that or even give him a recipet for the cash we had paid. We got in about 11:30pm. So my husband went out side to smoke the rest of the time. the room was great for two days. we went swiming in the tinny pool. We left a do not disturbe sign on the door so i wouldent have any problem with anybody coming in the room and taking things. Well the day check out came. Me and my husband picked up the room and pilled the pizza boxes on the desk along with the breckfest i had brought up that morning. Our 17 month old had got a chunck of muffin on the floor that we tried to pick up. all it needed was vacumed. Any ways we had asked the maid if the room was ok and if it was ok that we leave the keys in the room. She had replied yes. So we left went to Arbys down the road to eat and got done eating and Four cop cars pulled up behind us and asked for our id's my husband asked why. They told us that we did not pay the hotel and for vandilisom. We replied WHAT? So they ran our id's and then took us back over to the hotel to figure things out. We got there they put my husband in hand coffes and talked to him out the room. They said they found a note that said somthing like this "We took out the trash, and kicked your ###. HA HA HA HA HA" also found some kind of empty sandwich bag. The cop showed them both to me and i told him we did not write that note. and i dont know where that bag came from. The cops were therenting my husband by saying that we have to pay $600 in dameges and then we could go other wise you will go to jail and so will your wife and the kids will get put in DHS custady. all we had for the whole trip was $500. I went up and looked at the room. Some one (the MAID) had went in the room and knocked over all of all trash cans and knocked the pizza boxes and everything that i had all nice and stacked up for them to just bring a trash can in there. Also Some one (THE MAID) had took a 3/4 full cup of coffee that my brother had left from McDonalds that morning half was dumped on one bed and the other half was dumped on the other bed. I told the Cops that this room was not like this when we left. The said "what. who do you think did it THE MAIDS". I said i dont know who did it but it was not us. We drove over 600 miles to see my family and we got treated like this. We ended up paying $350.00 before we could leave. The Quality Inn asked us not to come back. Belive me we wont and i will tell everybody a bout the quality inn because that was rediculis. I have staid at may hotels big and small and have never had someone do this to me. I feel robbed and violiated. From know on i will bring the maniger up there and take pictures of before and after. So that really screwed our vacation up. We left nebraska write away after that. We haded seen our family in over a year and to be accused of something like that that i dident do is wrong and i have more respect for hotels than that. I use to work at one. I dont know there reasening but they did it not us.

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  • Dl
      25th of Jul, 2009
    0 Votes

    I highly doubt that the maid purposly poured coffee all over the beds and trashed the room because guess who is going to have to clean that mess...THE MAID!

  • Re
      27th of Jul, 2009
    -1 Votes

    well i know if i was really to do something like that i would leave town emeditly. Not hang around and see if something was going to happen. I have worked at a hotel before and i know what it takes. I was just trying to have a good vacation. I'm not out to screw anybody. And i dont know for sure who did it but it was not us. And i'm sure she got her cut...

  • Dl
      28th of Jul, 2009
    0 Votes

    No. She didnt get her "cut". After saying that, you deserve what came to you.

  • Li
      1st of Aug, 2009
    0 Votes

    Are you for real? Seriously? You desperately need to learn how to spell, by the way. What is with people nowadays? No one knows proper grammar or how to spell!

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