QS Supplies / Unsatisfactory delivery service / resolution

London, England, Greater London, United Kingdom

Since engaging with QS Supplies 5 weeks ago I have experienced one problem after another, and would advise any potential customer seeking bathroom supplies to use one of the many great alternative suppliers who care about customer service . Initially I did not receive notification of a planned delivery, the email had gone into my spam. Without requiring my acknowledgement or confirmation of the delivery date, it arrived in my absence. I then discovered the initial email and a second email in my spam. The second email again set another delivery date (the next date) which I could not be home for, with no opportunity to reschedule which is the norm with many of the great delivery firms around: UPS, DPD etc. I work full-time but have some flexibility to work from home with a few days notice. I suggested a couple of suitable dates for delivery but was told that if I missed the second delivery date they suggested I would be charged again for delivery (£50pp) . One out of the 3 items then turned up on a day I happened to be home by chance, but unplanned / unscheduled. The delivery driver told me never to do business with QS, that all the customers he has spoken to have had headaches with them. I called QS a few days later and explained this unilateral approach to delivery was unreasonable and untenable for me, and I'd imagine most working customers, and cancelled the remaining order, 2 items. Since then I have emailed QS weekly asking for my refund (around £825). The status they have provided has been vague ("up to 30 days for a refund", "is with our refunds dept") and only this information because I have continually chased them, several times a week. No information on when the refund would be paid, and how much - The QS team when I have called them have promised to call me back and don't. They also sound defensive and give little useful information. Yesterday, 4 weeks after canceling my order I received a refund for £598 - £225 LESS that I paid for the 2 items outstanding. I asked in advance of the refund to confirm amount, but received nothing. I am now chasing the remaining balance. QS do seem to be very good to replying to emails when received, I suspect response time is set as a KPI for support team, but the content of the email response is invariably vague and unhelpful. There is also no clear route to escalate concerns/complaints. Really frustrating - never again!

Jun 10, 2015

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