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My money has been deducted from my banking statement and i did not receive this item ordered 2 months ago. What is happening here?

I emailed and the reply i received was to do a self collection. Yesterday i came down all the way from home to the pick up point to do a self collection as instructed by the email but the customer service collection counter lady told me that my eticket has expired. I was wondering what is eticket then, a thing that i am not known of as all my orders has been delivered promptly. I am now back in singapore after serving my national service trainings at brunei and i am looking into this matter whereby why a thing that i already paid for and i can't claim for it.

My order status is delivered. This is a total fraud.

Qoo10 Singapore &

Feb 6, 2016
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  • He
      6th of Mar, 2016

    Exact same issue facing here.. Bought 3 cameras expecting a delivery end up no items delivered and when contacted the seller, I was told it was a instore pickup! And when I requested to pay for delivery.. They told me e ticket has expired ! And they not going to extend or refund!

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  • Qt
      21st of Nov, 2016

    I recently encountered very bad customer service from this seller.
    they were super rude and has very very bad attitude.
    item was faulty, yet all they did was argue with me.
    using very bad attitude to speak to me.
    telling me that they give very excellent customer service to customer but not customers that filed a complain to qoo10.
    is that how a seller should treat their customer?
    so saying if this customer did not file a complain to qoo10 they will then give them the top n best n excellent service?
    but if customer were to file a complain to qoo10 bad, lousy sucky service will be given to the customer.
    is this even reasonable?

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  • Ms
      2nd of Jan, 2017

    @qty9898 Omg seems like im not the only one who find this seller super lousy .. This seller will definitely delete all negative questions ( Q&A ) or feedbacks given .. And yes their attitude super rude which makes me turn out so vulgar to them after they used one while put me on hold ..

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  • Ms
      2nd of Jan, 2017

    I totally agree with u ! They are so rude also ! Was told that item can be self collected so i went all the way down and staff on the desk told me my item yet to arrive ??!! What sort of [censored]ery is this.. A game ? Time wasted.. They said that they are only the redemption counter.. Pfttttt.. And now i have been waiting still waiting for my order.. Made a complain to qoo10 and i seriously hope they will ban this seller from qoo10..

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  • Ms
      2nd of Jan, 2017

    Just so u all know.. They have changed or make another shop under name 13 mobile sg.. Pfftt same i####s

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  • Da
      24th of Mar, 2017

    Hi, thought I was the only one. Seller super rude. Aiya see attached. Honestly damn pissed off and waste my time. I want report to CASE. Anyone with me on this? I disagree with the way they treat consumers.

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  • Sw
      26th of Apr, 2017

    I recently got scammed by this seller too! They're refusing to refund one of my items in full and now they keep saying that the order has already been cancelled and refunded. Would fully support if anyone wants to report them.

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  • An
      11th of May, 2017

    @swiftasarrows I have gotten the same issue with them! I have reported them to qoo10 customer service. Have you all done the same? So that qoo10 customer service is aware that this seller is a scammer. yes, they blocked me from giving feedback too!

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  • Mi
      13th of Nov, 2017

    Hi Seller,
    I have ordered 2 Bluetooth but only received the white one. Till date they have not done any tracking of the parcel. They keep insist on sending the received picture but there is no where to attach a picture under the enquiry. My husband has thrown away the packaging. He is unaware I brought 2 pieces instead of one. Please look into this. I have wrote several enquiries but there is no way to check on your packaging and delivery side? This is the first time purchasing. Having this experience I doubt I will get anything from here anymore. Attached is the Bluetooth I received. Please drop me back a satisfactory answer. Thank you!

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  • Ta
      11th of Dec, 2017

    Ordered 4 fans from this on 09Nov, ended up only received 2 fans. Start to inform seller since 25Nov till today, 12Dec all their "standard reply is only "Please advise which is the missing order number in the package. We will check again. Thanks. OR Please attach a photo of all items you received. We will check again. Thanks. OR *** One moment while we look into this for you. We will be with you shortly. Thanks." As they keep asking me my order number & photo of items received. Hence I sent them all relevant photos and info via email. Also never reply. They only want to fool me around.
    Was thinking of go down to their office to make a big fuss but unfortunately my packing paper was being throw away by my helper.
    Today I have report this case to Qoo10. Not sure anywhere else I can file this complaint.
    Super pissed off this dishonest seller.

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  • Je
      8th of Sep, 2018

    @Tan Ning Wong Their address is 69 ubi road 1.

    Same tactic I encounter. Shortchange Ppl.
    If wan to go down pls call me also

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  • Ka
      2nd of Aug, 2018

    Bought wireless Bluetooth earbuds earphone from this company 13 and one side of the earphone already defected from day one. I went down to their service center and ask for a one to one exchange and they told me no stock to do one to one. And they took in my defected earphone and claimed need to send back to the manufacturer to do repair. Lousy service from them for no one to one exchange for faulty product straight out from the box. So after 1 month of waiting I called them and still told me no news from the manufacturer and no way to provide me any estimated time when they will return me the product. I think I got scam by this company so please do not buy anything from this company.

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  • Je
      8th of Sep, 2018

    @Karen Leow I also was scam by this
    Didn't send my order and trying to delay me until Q10 change the status to delivered. And rejected my non receipt claim

    Really terrible service. Q10 Please Take note of this seller. So many issues and no action taken. We should just change to lazada or shoppee

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  • Ji
      10th of Mar, 2019

    How was the resolution? I just got scammed too. Can't Qoo10 ban this seller? I tried writing in to them and to no avail either. Something must be done to all these irresponsible people.

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  • Ma
      28th of Mar, 2019

    I ordered 4 items. They delivered only 2.

    I made a Qoo claim. I sent pictures etc etc. "Please upload the pictures of the items missing. Sorry for the inconvenience". 2 weeks later... they are still asking the same question. They want to wear you down. A bunch of crooks.

    I am also making a PalPay claim. Now, it isn't about the money! I am just du-lun about eh whole situation !!!

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