PurePlayin regards to inconsistent payout times.

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I have been a member for 6 years. Not until recently have I had winnings not being processed & sent seemingly done excessively slow. They use to be prompt & efficient. I would also like to comment on all the negative postings about playing on this site. Seems to be a lot of crybabies reporting about pureplay. Look it only requires $25 a month to play unlimited. I don't play as much in the summer as opposed to winter, but anyone complaining about unfair play ethics is just a whiner. I don't take loosing very bad, unlike some players on this site. Back a few years ago it was fun to play & chat with others. Now everyone seems to be so uptight. Even the weekly $5000 tournament doesn't fill to capacity. (1200 players with a 1500 maximum capacity. ) I remember having to register exactly @ 07:00 or you couldn't get into the game. (Unless you pre-qualified. ) they even have a tournament once a week for a "lifetime membership" (50 years). Which I won after 2 years of paying monthly $25. Some of the benefits of online play are ; not having to travel, pay for related things like food & lodging, tips, etc. (Although I cant get my wife to bring me my jack & cokes. ) lol. But I can even play in my underwear if I want. Anyways I thought I would give pureplay a more positive comment instead of most on here. Gl @ the tables !! Lazertiger.

Jan 09, 2017
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      Nov 16, 2017

    Ive been on Pureplay for over 5 years. They have payed me EVERY DIME that ive sent in . I only take $595 a year so I don't get taxed by the govt. I put in for it every Jan 1st and receive it anywhere from Jan 20th to Feb 10th at the latest. For the complaint that some player said he is above average and should win enough to play on: I won $1860 in 2016 and have won $725 thru November 15th of 2017. You must be TERRIBLE not AVERAGE!! Also won Lifetime Tourney on 5.25.14. SO STOP CRYING!! ITS NOT A SCAM!! GOOD LUCK AT THE TABLES bigdog771

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