Pure Nutrients: Nature Cleansescam!!!


I placed an order for Nature Cleanse for the 13 day free trial. On the 13th day after ordering I tried to call the number to Customer Service and cancel the order, I was put on hold and left there for about 3 hours. I never got to talk to anyone. On the 14th day of the free trial I called and tried to cancel the order, I was put on hold most of the day (hours)!!! I still never got to talk to anyone! They were Closed the 15th day so on Monday morning (today) the 16th day I called the company to cancel my order. They said that they would cancel the order but that they would still charge my account for the $88.00. I explained the process of trying to reach them the previous days and they didnt seem to care. I also explained that I will be contacting the the Att. Generals office and the BBB. That didnt seem to bother them either.

This 14 day trial is a SCAM!!! I would stress that you DO NOT take this free 14 day trial offer. They will still charge your account!!!

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