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[Resolved] Puppyspot / puppy

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Do not buy a dog from puppy spot formally know as They keep changing their name to hide from all their wrong doings and lawsuits!!! I bought a goldendoodle from them in september 2016 he came with a clean bill of health from a vet clinic signed by catherine lewis in north carolina. The golden doodle came with hookworm and giardia in his stools and an ear infection. The vet signed the papers that all was clear and he was healthy. The breeders must pay off this particular vet. He also has severe hip dysplasia needs major surgery for around $7000. I complained to puppy spot on countless occasions and they will not refund my money all they said was I can return him which of course I would never do! These people are crooks and they run puppy mills and they're disgusting people! Please to not buy any animal from them we need to shut them down. ! The amount of medical bills, heartache and stress this dog has put on our family because of this company is horrendous!

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    They are working with me to give me back some money towards the cost of the dog.

Mar 22, 2017
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  • Ve
      17th of Jul, 2017
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    For those people who read the above comment please understand that I in no way mean that the buyer is at fault, however, puppyspot deals with individual breeders. Each one is separate in how they handle their dogs, which dogs they breed, and the health clearances they take on their parent dogs. In as such, please make sure you are asking the right questions for your breed and that can actually help you avoid the problem the above customer had. ANY breeder can sell any dog in the US they want. If two parents are registered with the AKC, then the puppy can be registered. NONE of those things are a guarantee of health. And a breeder cant guarantee the health of a puppy either, however, they can do many things to try to limit the risk of congenital problems in their puppies. The above cross, a golden retriever to a poodle is a likely candidate for hip dysplasia and asking if the parent dogs had been evaluated by OFA or PennHip wouldve been a good question to ask. Poodles can have PRA and luxating patellas, which can also be cleared through genetic testing. The question you should ask are if the parents have had all health clearances recommended for the breed. If parents are clear, then puppies are likely clear (although not always). So ask the right question and you will likely get a healthy puppy because if the answer is NO, then don't buy from that breeder. It is that simple. Whether from Puppy Spot or locally, you can be duped. But good breeders test their breeding parents for problems. If they dont test, dont buy!! At least you will help encourage the good breeders by supporting their business practices and you won't be promoting the bad breeders and having to pay the extensive veterinary bills. I am sorry this customer had to deal with hip dyplasia, it is an awful disease, but being a hybrid (golden doodle) does not protect the dog from diseases from both breeds that go in to the mix. Sad

  • Jm
      19th of Mar, 2018
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    @vetjade Shouldn't you be automatically asking those questions on behalf of your clients? If not than what is the benefit of using your services?

  • Ch
      16th of Jul, 2018
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    @vetjade Being unfamiliar with what to look for in a reputable dog breeder, I purchased a pup for my daughter from puppyspot because they represented that they were knowledgeable and would screen the breeders. As inexperienced dog owners, we were willing to pay their outrageous fee. After a year, our pup was diagnosed with severe bilateral hip dysplasia. We have had surgery on one hip for a cost of $7000. I asked puppyspot for a refund of only the purchase price, but have received nothing. I have since discovered that neither parent of our puppy had appropriate health certifications. So much for screening the breeders. This has been a total nightmare.

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