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I purchased a puppy from puppy find .com and a so called breeder named Lynn Overy & John Steib who runs Northern lights goldens they claim the buss. is out of Adelphia NJ. but they are actually out of Mexico NY. the puppy was sold to me as a AKC registered pup with a 2 year guarantee, and a health certificate. the pup was delivered to me sick with Giardia and a UTI. and I have also not received any of the proper papers that were to come with the pup. including the AKC papers. it has been over 6 weeks and the pup is still being treated for her symptoms. I posted a negitive review for her on and they deleted it. 2 days later someone else posted another neg. review for her saying just about the same things that happened to me. and how they got ripped off and a day later that review was deleted? this is leading me to believe that is standing behind all the dirt bag puppy mills and the breeders that run them and scam you out of all your money. and by not allowing us to post negitive reviews against the bad sellers /breeders this is allowing them to sell very sick and unhealthy puppies on their web site to unsuspecting buyers who can't see any of the bad reviews. before buying a puppy from I really suggest that you do your homework first and get all the refferences first about who you want to buy from. and most of all DO NOT purchase a puppy from if you punch that name up on this site in the search box you will get a page that if you click on the highlighted northernlightsgoldens you will have 2 whole pages to scroll down of nothing but sickening things they have done to a lot of their previous buyers. they need to be stopped and put out of bussiness. I learned the hard way and the next time it will be from a local breeder! Thanks KPG

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  • Jo
      9th of Feb, 2011
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  • Cs
      18th of Aug, 2011
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    My name is Matt and I'm the Relationship Manager with After viewing this complaint, I did some research into the situation involving the complainant (Keith), and the breeder they had dealt with on I would like Keith, and all viewers of this complaint to know that the breeder in question was removed from earlier this year. After receiving similar complaints, and evidence to back those complaints, the decision was made to ban that member from our website. does not condone the type of activities in which the member was involved, and when we receive sufficient evidence that a member of our site is breaking the law we will take action against them and remove them from our website.

    I would also like to remind readers that does not sell any of the puppies that breeders advertise on our website. We do not endorse any one particular breeder, and we do not participate in any agreements or contacts made between buyers and sellers. We do not participate in the transaction or transportation of any puppies advertised on our site. We provide a space for members to meet each other, and we enforce the Terms of Service that apply to our website. In terms of the review system, Keith was given the opportunity to provide evidence backing the review he had left on the breeder's account. Our records indicate that no documentation was ever received by our Customer Support staff. This is why the review was kept off the member's account, according to the rules of our review system. After Keith had contacted us, other members came forward with complaints about this member and they provided documentation, which led to the breeder's removal from the website. We appreciate everyone who contacts us to let us know about bad breeders, but we cannot act on those complaints without definite evidence and documentation.

    I again am very sorry to know that this breeder has caused heartache to people they have dealt with, on and off our site, but I am happy to report that their account is no longer active on

    Thank you for your time,

    Matt Relationship Manager

  • Ke
      24th of Nov, 2011
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    I purchased a puppy from Danielle's puppys in puppyfind, a king charles cavalier who has some severe health problems including a heart murmer which is very bad for this breed and an eye problem that needs surgery. I have all of the back up of correspondence with her, we came to an agreement and then she broke off all contact. I also posted negative reviews that were deleted and i contacted support and have yet to hear back from them. Her name is Danielle wilson from Joplin, MO - and also sells under Ruff Life Puppies. DO NOT BUY FROM HER! She is deceitful and dishonest. I also posted my email address offering to forward all documentation to whoever wanted it proving all that has happened. She also has the nerve to have a pic of my puppy on her ruff life website. This person has no ethics at all!
    Why does puppyfind not allow negative reviews????? It looks like she is great but is not!

  • Ke
      19th of Dec, 2011
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    I am shocked - Puppy finder, after reviewing all my information has put back my review of Danielle Wilson - Danielles Puppys - My documentation was in order, including vet records and emails where she then broke off contact. I am very glad that they saw that Danielle does not stand by her word, or her honor.

    Hopefully, this will help the next person think twice before dealing with her.

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