Punjab National Bankdenial to give money deposited in fdrs

Respected Sir/Madam,
I have 7 FDRs with Punjab national bank, Trilokpuri as four these FDRs have already matured and my daughter's marrige is due for 27th of Nov. so I went to the bank Sr. Manager Sh. V. K. Kochar to withdraw this amount but to my horror staff at the bank says that we cannot give you this amount now you can come after 1st Oct. even for the matured FDs. I want to ask is my noney safe here when they can't even give my money when it is most required by me, have they gone bankrupt how can they deny a women's money at moment when she requires it most and staff at this branch behaves like as if all the people who come to the bank are fools and they are the only people(bank) providing these servies but if we have already put our money with them we cannot ask anyone else to give our money back anyone who goes to the bank as customer can tell you or if visits it now will tell you they behave worst with the customer if compared to any bank around the country and that should be checked. If they cant behave well with customers they should not be bankers. If I am asking for my money what wrong am I doing how can you tell me that when should I withdraw my money and deny me when I require it most. It is shear cruelty that I am being denied money when I required it for marriage of my daughter.
I want that my money should be given to me as soon as possible as I have to make arrangements for marriage of my daughter and without any irregular deductions.
Thanking You,
Roshni Devi,
184, Vill. Khichripur,

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