Pumaunprofessional inept behavior

I'd like to report an unprofessional and incompetent customer service experience I've had at Puma Canada.

On November 25th I placed an order at the Puma Canada website with three items (Order No. 00190-CA45458314).

The next day (Nov 26th) I got an email saying my order has been cancelled, without an explanation. I called the customer service to see what's going on. Th guy at the other end told me that one of the three items I had purchased went out of stock and so they cancelled the entire order. It should be noted however, that no explanation was given to me at any stage of cancellation and no compensation promised (which I find very unprofessional and unethical). If an item is out of stock why didn't the website state that? On the contrary, my order went through without a mess only later to be cancelled. If your website is not up to standards, the customers shouldn't have to suffer.

The guy also told me not to waste my time waiting for the item that went out of stock as it may take a long time to re-stock. (again a very deceptive statement- the item was re-stocked the very next day). He asked me to re-order whatever else I wanted that was still in-stock and then call them to get a price-match with my previous cancelled order(which was on sale and had a discount code applied). He also told me that a case has been opened on my name and gave me the case number for future reference:

CASE NUMBER: [protected]

The next day (Nov 27th) I went on the website to re-order the two items still available. I discovered that the third item was now back in-stock as well. I put all three items in my cart and placed the order. After doing that a while later when I checked the Order Status from my account it displayed: FAILED. I called the customer service again. I gave the customer service representative my case number for their reference and asked them why my order placement failed. They made me hold for a long time but couldn't explain my order failure. They said that their supervisor was very busy and couldn't attend me and promised that the supervisor will contact me the next day and took my number.

I waited for the call the next day but nobody contacted me. On Nov 29th I tried placing my order again. This time I got a notification at the top saying:

"Sorry, something went wrong with your payment. Please try a different payment method or contact your payments provider. If issue continues you can contact customer service."

I contacted my payments provider. I got a confirmation from them that there's nothing blocked or restricted on their end and so I tried placing the order again this time from a different browser, I then changed my laptop. But every time I got the same error and my order didn't go through. I believe I placed 6 orders that day and all of them failed.

At that time I also noticed that the amount which had been charged off my Credit card for the original order that had been cancelled had not yet been refunded. I then contacted the customer service again. The CSR couldn't help me in anyway and when I asked for a supervisor they said that there was no supervisor present. When I asked her about the refund that was due she explained that it usually takes 3-5 days in the processing and that I shall soon receive it. She took my phone number again and informed me that the supervisor will contact me the next day, positively.

The next day (Nov 30th) again nobody called. I tried placing the order again but it gave me the same error. So I called customer service again. I asked the CSR to talk to the supervisor. He investigated the whole issue again by himself for half an hour while I waited. Then after a painfully long time and much reluctance, I was transferred to a supervisor. I talked to Christine, I believe. I asked her whether my account has been blocked or restricted by Puma and why I'm getting this error. She wasn't sure why this was happening, but reassured me that she will talk to the respective department and resolve my issue the next day as they're closed at that time. She said she'll be in office at 3pm the next day and she'll straight away work on my case and give me a call around 3pm through her personal number. I told her that this is the third time I've been promised this and stood up. She was very sorry this happened and gave me her word that she'd be calling me first thing the next day.

Dec 1: Nobody called. I waited all day by my phone so I wouldn't miss her call but she didn't contact me.

I've had enough! It has been more than a week and countless hours of my precious time and my issue is still hanging. I really needed this order placed ASAP as I wanted to gift it to someone who will be visiting me shortly. Coupled with the inevitable delays in the transit, it would be useless to receive it after they're gone.

The CSRs and their supervisors are clearly stalling me, thinking I'm a fool. I talked very nicely to each person and I'm not blaming them for this issue. I know they're just the face of the company and this might be a due to a system error. But the handling of my case is an utter disappointment! Promising to deliver and then failing to do so(not just once). I can't be bothered wasting anymore of my time on this, however, I do want to warn the higher-ups in the company and the consumers in general, of how they will be entertained if they ever need come across the inept, negligent and deceptive customer service.

It is Dec 2, and I still haven't gotten my money back. I don't know what kind of an incompetent system you run but I want my money back! It's been a week! More than the average 3-5 days I had been told.

Ali Rizvi

Dec 02, 2018

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