Puget Sound Energy - PSE / monopoly - can't do a thing

Renton, WA, United States
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A major power line broke underground in my front yard, causing a power outage to myself and neighbors. They came out at 3pm the same day to repair the problem. They were here until almost midnight, digging up my yard with heavy equipment and bright lights. Power restored in 8hrs.

Next morning, go to turn on the TV and nothing. Power surged and fried my entertainment units (TV, stereo receiver, and Comcast DVR box). Comast was awesome, came out, and helped. Turns out when the PSE cable blew, it actually burned the Comcast cable underground. You should have see it, totally fried and burned up. Comcast then had to replace that underground cable. Finally get that all back up and running, but no TV or stereo still.

Filed a claim against PSE, only to be informed 2 weeks later that they will NOT reimburse me in any way, shape or form. Some BS form letter indicating that while they maintain their equipment, they aren't responsible for these types of actions. I've lived in my home for 23yrs and they have NEVER maintained my power lines.

So, now because they didn't maintain their part, I have to pay for a new TV and stereo. Let alone the dirt and grass seed and watering for the area in my yard that was destroyed. They won't even compensate me anything on my bill. What do I do? It's not like I have a choice to use another electric company. They have you cornered. If you don't pay your bill, they'll shut off your power. You are at their mercy, and it's just not right. I wasn't even asking for a top of the line replacement, just something that is reasonable to replace what I had.

They really suck! I'm so distraught over this and angry that they are allowed to get away with this action and behavior.

Jun 15, 2017

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