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Publish America / Awful company

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In 2007 I contacted publish america with regard to publishing my poetry books. After looking one book over they sent me a 7 year contract that would automatically renew for another 7 years. I couldn't alter the contract to my specifications so I emaiiled them informing them that after the 1st 7 years the contract is to end. When proofreading got a hold of my book it took 2 months for them to proofread it. they said they weren't accepting any new manuscripts, but they sent the new manuscript that I sent them, back to me for proofreading; and of course they couldn't find the errors that I suggested. They then forwarded my book to another department and they sent me a copy of the cover which the name was spelled wrong. My voice is unique and they tried to proofread my book changing the name from Black As I Ever Was keeping' It real Rapoetry to Black As I ever was Keeping it real rapoetry. They said it was too late to change it and I said forget it. 2 months later December 2008 I get 2 final proofs of my book. I look it over and there are several formatting errors. They also changed some of the words in my poems which altered the meaning of my poems. I emailed one department after another and yet nobody is taking responsibility, they can't tell me whether they've actually received the Email or not, wouldn't tell me where corporate was, and they want me to order 50 copies of my book before they can make any changes. I said again, forget it. I plan on suing them for defamation of character and false advertising. They should be stopped immediately. They take aspiring writers and change and alter their works which is not in the contract. Then they want you to spend money on buying your own book from them, that is not correct.

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  • Am
      1st of Oct, 2009
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  • Da
      15th of Jan, 2010
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    To whom it may concern:

    My name is Harry Hubbard and PA has just published my book Screaming at the Top of my Mind.
    ISBN#: 978-1-61582-979-8. However, I never received a proof of the cover and several problems have been noticed. The Title and subtitle problems have been corrected, however there is no printing on the spine and on a bookshelf the book it shows as just a blank white strip.

    I don't see how this can be marketed in a bookstore as most of their books are put on the shelf with only the spine exposed. My book is supposed to be able to be marketed in bookstores, yes?

    I have sent several emails to Author Support and even put in an official request that the cover be corrected. This was on January 13th, and I have yet to hear from anyone regarding the matter.

    I was sent a proposition that if I ordered at least 12 of my books ( I ordered 15) I would receive them at 50% off, which I did. Now, I have 15 books without spines and with the wrong cover on them. I can not market or sell them myself because of this error. Plus, I was to receive a copy of a book on self-marketing which I have not received.

    I have requested that my order be refilled with the corrected copies. Still, I have not heard from anyone from PA.

    I realize that PA is a POD publisher and I can not see why there is a problem with correcting these errors and doing the right thing in replacing my books, so I can market them.

    Please, someone in charge, answer this plea.

    Thank you,

    Harry Hubbard, Jr.

    After sending this email I got one back that said in essence that they would not fix the cover nor refill my order. I have an unmarketable book!!!

  • Ja
      1st of Feb, 2010
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    Misery loves company, meaning I'm glad to see I am not the only one stiffed by Publish America. Everything was roses in the beginning, but once the contract was signed and I recieved a one dollar check, all contact ceased. I would send emails that were ignored, then called and talked to one of the rudest people I've ever spoken with. It's been nine months since the contract was signed, I think it's now safe to assume my book will never be published by Publish America...and I consider that a lucky break. Avoid them like the plague. Jay Hagman

  • Ju
      5th of Mar, 2010
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    Something more has to be done than just indiidual complaints. Any suggestions?

  • Fu
      12th of Mar, 2010
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    New to the field, to Judy Hawkinson I submitted my story as well. However I havn't sign the contract whats your advice for me.

  • Ke
      12th of Mar, 2010
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    Publish America is not a traditional publisher. Do an online search for more information.

  • Ma
      30th of Mar, 2010
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    Authors victimized by Publish America must UNITE!

    Authors, if you’ve been victimized by Publish America and in addition to feeling violated, misled, cheated, bullied, ignored, taken for granted, exploited, and/or approached with extortion, and you feel powerless to right the wrong perpetrated against you, take heart. You are not alone!

    Bullies are cowards who prey upon the unsuspecting, timid, and weak. They also operate in the dark. TOGETHER, WE will aggressively and unrelentingly take the fight to them. WE will expose them, individually and severally, very publicly and ultimately kick their ###! Refuse to be their victim! Become soldiers in the army against the Publish Americas victimization of yourself and aspiring authors everywhere!!!

    Following is a step by step approach to unite victimized authors and to involve powerful agencies for their assistance and enforcement. Many of these agencies are already aware of Publish America, their rotten reputation, their negative press, and how they prey upon the unsuspecting. It is very important that you do everything outlined below and name the deceiving Publish America individuals that you dealt with. Follow up with each organization to your satisfaction. VERY IMPORTANT - copy/paste this letter to Publish America related blogs and websites all over the www.

    1. Call, write, email, and fax Publish America daily, expressing your issues with them. They can be reached at: 111 E. Church Street - Frederick, MD 21705, P.O. Box 151 - Frederick, MD 21705, 4510 Metropolitan Court, Frederick - MD 21701, Phone - 301.695.1707, Fax - 301.874.4793, and emails -,,,,,,,,,,

    2. File complaint with Maryland’s Attorney General Doug Ganzler at 410.576.6300.

    3. File complaint with Maryland’s Senators Ben Cardin at 410.962.4436 and Barbara Mikulski at 410.962.4510.

    4. File complaint with Maryland’s Congressman Roscoe Bartlett at 301.694.3030. Fax - 301.694.6674. Seek out Ashley Collier who will coordinate with the Frederick MD police, as well as with the local FBI.

    5. File complaint with Maryland’s BBB at 410 347.3990

    6. File complaint with Maryland’s Governor Martin O’Malley at

    7. File complaint with Maryland’s Mayor Randy McClement at 301.694.1380.

    8. File complaint with Maryland’s Assistant City Attorney Rachel Depo at 301.600.1391.

    9. File complaint with Frederick, Maryland’s police Sergeant DeGrange at 301.600.211

    10. File complaint with your own states Senator.

    11. File complaint with Maryland’s Volunteer Lawyer Service at 800.510.0050

    12. File complaint with Frederick County’s Bar Association vs. Publish Americas attorneys at 310.663.1139.

    13. File complaint with Maryland’s local network television news crime tips, crime watchers, and investigative teams.

    14. File complaint with Baltimore, MD FBI at They are aware of Publish America and want victims to post their stories and complaints on their site.

    15. File complaint with the Maryland State Police at 301.600.4151.

    16. File complaint with Maryland’s State Attorneys office at 301.600.1523, 301.600.2026, and 301.600.2993.

    17. File complaint with the US Attorney General at 950 Pennsylvania Avenue Northwest, Washington, DC 20530-0009. 202.353.1555‎.

    18. File complaint with the FBI at Federal Bureau of Investigation - J. Edgar Hoover Building -
    935 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW, Washington, D.C. 20535-0001. 202.324.3000.

    19. File complaint with ISBN at 908.219.0274.

    20. File complaint with Ingram Book Wholesalers at 800.937.8200 and 615.793.5000.

    21. File complaint with Baker & Taylor Book Wholesalers at 800.775.1800 or 908.541.7000. Ask for publisher relations.

    22. File complaint with Brodart Book Wholesalers at 570.326.2461. Ask for Jim Bobak in acquisitions or email Mindy Engel at

    23. File complaint with

    24. File complaint with at 734.477.1941 or 734.477.1100. Ask for someone in acquisitions, publisher relations, etc.

    25. File complaint with the federal BBB at 202.393.8000.

    26. File complaint with Maryland’s FBI at 410.265.8080.

    27. File complaint with the Attorney general in your home state.

    28. Put your thinking cap on and come up with additional ways to FIGHT Publish America. Share these ideas via blogs, newsletters, websites, etc

    See. You are not powerless. It is critical, however, that you do all of the above, follow up with the agencies, and keep the heat turned up fully on Publish America and it’s complicit co conspirators. The might of our right will crush their wrong!!!

  • Nf
      28th of May, 2010
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    I've been having many troubles with PublishAmerica as well since my book came out in May 2009. Like all authors, I believe in the potential for my book, but have been bamboozled by this company time and time again. I do wish I had waited for a reputable company, but as with first time authors, I let my enthusiasm for being published clud my judgment.
    I've had all the abovementioned problems: mistakes in the text, failure to correct them appropriately or entirely, refusal to void my contract, and the latest: My book is unavailable to the public. Friends have been searching Amazon and B&N and ordering the book only to be told three weeks later that the book is unavailable and the order has to be canceled. The companies are obviously been told that the book is unavailable by PublishAmerica. I feel like I'm in the middle of some kind of nightmare with this company. Yes, we should keep up the fight. They are able to erode us one author at a time, but a talent is a gift and shouldn't be squandered by a company that has no regard for people and their time, and certainly have no ethics of their own. It is clear that Publish America makes its money by selling books to its authors; every day there's a new gimmick in my email. Oh, I forgot one thing: the offer around Christmas to buy five or ten books and they will ship the same number free of charge to your local bookstore never happened. I ordered the books, but they never sent the free ones to the bookstore. I contacted the department, they said they'd check. This is May. Still no word. I have not bought into their subsequent offers to send book to Oprah, or Grisham, or any one else because I know it's never going to happen. They are total scam artists. It's such a shame!!

  • Pu
      1st of Jun, 2010
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    What boggles my mind is the fact that this page isn't filled with hundreds of agreeing statements of how has rendered unsellable most books, stolen royalties, published unedited manuscripts, and blatantly breached contracts to the extent that SOME law-firm SOMEWHERE wouldn't perk their ears and want to start a class action lawsuit.
    I too was taken in by their scam and lost my book for 7 years. Their methods of false advertising are slick. The website makes promises of pie in the sky, but when you receive the "standard contract" it cleverly mentions nothing of the promises on their website.
    My book was published with errors that their "editing department" injected, overpriced the book, and rendered unmarketable to the extent that no book store will stock it, and all on-line bookstores have dropped it from stock.
    No professional book reviewer will TOUCH a book published by them. Get that?
    You can't PAY someone to review your book if published by PublishAmerica.

    The BBB of Maryland was useless. Their reply was that it was a business to business transaction.
    The Atty General was useless, they referred me back to the BBB!
    All I asked for was for them to lower the price of my book or cancel my contract.
    If you are considering using them to publish - Don't.
    You are better off buying a laser printer and printing it yourself!
    PublishAmerica is a Scam.

  • Ab
      6th of Jun, 2010
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    Well, I published a children's book with them, received my author copy and nothing else. ordered 10 copies and never received them. I ordered them Oct. 21, 2009 and have yet to receive them. Every time I call they tell me they switched printing companies and that they are behind... This behind really? I don't think so, my sister in law ordered and received a few copies and I never have. Frustrating!!!

  • Re
      10th of Jun, 2010
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    Publish America is the biggest scam in the publishing industry! This Publish on demand (POD) company has been misleading authors for years. They claim to be traditional publishers, which is a total LIE. This company has made bundles of money off new gullible authors by publishing their books and selling them back at discounted rates to the authors. They do no conduct any promotions or distributions, even if the authors facilitate it. The alleged promotions are paid for by the authors when they buy their own books. No one will actually ever know if these promotions have actually taken place. PA's representatives are only addressed by first name or anonymously as "Publish America support." It takes miracle for them to get back to you with the simplest question. Most book stores will not carry Publish America books, because they equate PA to any other self-publishing house or worse. It also takes over two months to receive a book after you order it from Publish America.
    Their royalty statements are vague and inaccurate. You will never know how many books your book has sold, unless you hire a private investigator. They can basically do whatever they want. This is an unethical and integrity free company. You are better off being unpublished than being stuck with this alleged publisher. Review the innumerable complaints against this company on the internet. It is truly a publishing mill that will publish anything they receive. They actually have an electronic editor that will keep your book filled with mistakes. You better hire an editor before you approve your final transcript assuming that you will decide to go with this scandalous company. Ironically, their representatives are taught to defend their scams, and they pretend to have pride and ethics. Publish America is truly the biggest scam in publishing history! It's so big that many other scam artists have started their own POD publishing houses.
    Beware!!! Research this publisher before you submit your transcript.

  • K5
      23rd of Jun, 2010
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    I wish I would have read all this BEFORE signing my contract with Publish America in 2008. They seemed like a great company up front. Everything went smoothly and fast. Once my book was finished, I noticed a few errors. I was told I could make corrections by purchasing another 10 copies. Since I had a few book signings coming up I thought an extra 10 copies on hand wouldn't be a bad idea anyway. After I made my order and submitted my changes for future copies, they stopped answering my messages and e-mails. They claimed they never got the corrections, I never ordered my 10 copies and I should order more and that they couldn't get a hold of the dept that makes the corrections. They got me a few book signings but were supposed to follow up on at least 4 others and never did. I finally gave up but every time I see an e-mail from them I get a little angry. If I could pull my book from them I would. They may be cheap and fast but for anyone that is looking for a publishing company, RUN! Run far away from Publish America!

  • Re
      3rd of Jul, 2010
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    I am another new author who got scammed! I would like to start a class action suit against them and take them out of business so they can't crush people dreams again. Please contact me at with your contact info and hopefully we can get them shut down for good!

  • Dd
      12th of Jul, 2010
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    I am of course another crushed author. I finally got a response from them on some of my questions and they were the rudest people and most unprofessional people I have ever dealt with. I am with anyone who has a way to stop them and get our book rights back from them. my contact information is

  • Pu
      20th of Jul, 2010
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    Sorry Ms. Dreyer, I wish you could have avoided the catastrophe most of us have suffered. Now they are going under some sub-company name to screw others through a new name:

    "Independence Books"

    Please get the word out that it is PublishAmerica and they are crooks. The best thing we can do is try to save others from falling into their pit of lies and deception and breech of contract policies.

    The second thing you can do is... keep writing. Don't fall into a mode of depression and anger and spend a year or more trying to find an easy way out. A lawyer is your only solution. Breech of contract is easy to prove. Keep writing if you intend to be an author. I'm finishing books two and three and waiting for the clock to run out on book one of the series.

    Word to the wise. If they know you are ticked, file grievances with BBB or Atty General of MD, they will do everything they can to hold your book hostage for the full 7 years. I know if instances where they republished an author's book under a different name and title after the contract expired. They are evil. Nothing as evil as PublishAmerica can last forever. Eventually they will go belly up.

    Good luck to you!

  • Oa
      31st of Jul, 2010
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    I was published by Publish America and over the years moved. In the process of moving I lost the contract with them. Recently after scouring my home for it and not finding it, I wrote them for a copy of the contract. They answered back stating they wanted $10.00 for a copy of the contract. It upset me to the point where I almost told them to shove it!
    They are not what I would consider an A-One publishing company. I bought a book after I published titled, "The Fine Print of Self-Publishing." The author states that they are, "Publishers to avoid." I can see why from the complaints above too.

  • Le
      8th of Aug, 2010
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    Publish America - Don't read this books
    Publish America
    United States

    Alessandra Gelmi's Whose afraid of red and Ring of fire are metaphors for a sexually transmitted disease she passed to numerous men throughout her life. Do not read these books and do not support this publisher.

  • Ke
      9th of Aug, 2010
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    I've just recently been badly scammed by PublishAmerica (PA). The stories are the same throughout. PA''s modus operandi is to scam, defraud, cheat, exploit, mislead, lure their victims through false advertising and make life miserable to unsuspecting authors, especially first authors.

    I've engaged the services of an intellectual property law counsel based in Baltimore, Maryland, who's suggested bringing a class action lawsuit against PublishAmerica. He's accordingly advised me to contact others who've similarly been scammed by PA and to ask them if they'd be interested in joining the lawsuit.

    Thus I'm writing this message to ask all those who may be interested in such a lawsuit to contact me ASAP so that my attorney may begin the preliminary action against PA. Please e-mail me your name, e-mail and postal addresses, telephone number(s), etc.

    PublishAmerica must be stopped from its persistently arrogant crimes.

    Please e-mail your particulars to me at: You may also reach me by telephone at: 617-566-2524.

    Thank you.

    Dr. K. Asimpi

  • Ca
      30th of Aug, 2010
    0 Votes

    PublishAmerica sells books through credit cards only. If you have a problem, file your complaint with your credit card company. They WILL investigate and if PA is found to be at fault, they can be fined by the credit card company. If enough complaints of a similar nature are filed against them, PA could lose its vendor status with the credit card company. The only way to strike back at PA is through their pocketbook.
    Good luck. ~CatSlave~

  • Ch
      31st of Aug, 2010
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    Anyone contact the Federal Trade commission to file a complaint about PublishAmerica? Also if we have receipts to prove sales of books and statements from publishamerica that read Zero sold..Doesn't that easily prove that publishamerica broke their contract with author? Also say that a whole lot of authors file big fat one complaint against publishamerica through the court system and turn in all our receipts as part of the evidence...and the royalty statements that dont match the receipts (and we know it wont) THEN do we have a case? I realize some of us dont know who purchased our books but some of our friends have and we can get them to save and give us the receipts. I am going straight to the federal trade commission and bbb. It doesnt do any good going to publish america. They dont care and they will just ignore our emails. Its been proven time and time again. I changed my pen name and switched genre so I cant be recognized that I am associated with a business that has a horrifc and criminal like reputation.

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