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Public Storage - West Haven, CT / I just want them out of my life!

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This is long, so please pardon me.

I was searching for complaints on Public Storage and ran across

I'm in a dilemma with Public Storage in West Haven, CT.

In March, 2006, I became homeless after my landlord did not pay her mortgage and the bank foreclosed. The bank wanted the house empty and, I was forced to place my belongings in storage. I chose public storage because of a $1.00 special they had.

When I obtained my unit, I also applied for the 3 month stay special. I was forced to stay in a hotel, that literally took all my savings. A friend found out and told me I could stay with him. But by this time, I was all out of money and had to start over trying to save, knowing I had a storage bill.

My first month prorated bill in April was $147. I paid that, but then in May, it jumped up to $211, the 2nd month. I paid it. I paid June, July and August bills of $211, sometimes $235 (late fees after the 8th).

Recently I fell behind on the payments.
I was late for my September payment. After the 8th day, they attached a late fee that made it $235. After the 15th day, they attached another $75. I called and told them I didn't have the money. That took me into October.
Late September, my part time job folded, and I had no income.

So now, I couldn't pay October bill. But I had asked the manager to bear with me. By the 3rd week of October, I found a job. But I had to wait to get paid. The storage manager agreed verbally, that I can make payments little by little until I bring the bill down. By my figurations, I thought that by the time I get paid, I would owe, about $700.

I get direct deposit, and my funds are placed every 16 and 5th of the month.
My first paycheck was in the bank on the November 5th.

On the 5th, I immediately submitted $500 to Public Storage, online payment. My bill showed that I owed $741. That would bring me late, but current with November.
On November 10th I received a letter stating that they were going to auction my unit on November 14th. I called and told them I made their payment and it went through online, it was not declined.

They stated that my bank informed them that they could not release the $500, and because they did not get the check, they were going to auction the unit.

I called my bank, and they told me that because it was a new account, certain restrictions were place on ATM and online debits for my protection. I explained to public storage the restrictions and told them that I can give them money everyday until the bill was paid. They agreed that I make weekly arrangements to pay a certain amount each week.

I kept those arrangements, took funds out of my bank everyday, and paid them the money on the day it was due. I had to make 3 payments in two weeks. The last week, Thanksgiving week, my final payment was $210. I was short $6.00. On November 28th, the day before my final payment, I informed them, and they told me that I will be charged an additional $75 if I didn't pay the $6.
By this time, I was literally crying, but arguing the reasoning behind that.... for only $6.00.

The clerk offered to put in the $6.00 if I promised to pay her back.
On November 29th, I submitted my final payment of $204 ($6.00 was put in by the clerk), to a clerk, whom I did not know of. He stamped my bill as "Paid in full".

I requested to vacate. They told me that in order to not owe another bill, I would have to vacate by November 30th, the following day. I told them, impossible, I would not have any funds until December 5th. I gave them all I had.
On the same night I paid the bill in full, I borrowed the money to get a big truck from Uhaul, paid a driver and another guy to help me move. We went to Public Storage.

I keyed in my access code, and it stated, "access denied".
But I didn't give up. The gate was open, and the guys had the idea to get my things and bring them to the gate to load the truck.
I went to my storage unit, and it had a lock on it.
Now I had no way to get my things, before the deadline, and I paid money for a truck and help. $150.
The following day, I went to Public Storage, paid the clerk her $6 and explained that I had come there the night before with a truck to get my things, but, there was a lock and I could not get them. She explained that she would have felt uncomfortable if she left my unit opened. I told her that I spent a lot of money on a truck I could not even use, and now I had no money for another truck or help.

I told her that now, the only way for me to get my things out is to use my Blazer. But that would take a while. I have 6 rooms of furniture!!
She told me that under the circumstances, she would work with me. I promised her that I will move my things out day by day, after work.

From December 1st thru December 9th, I have been moving my things day by day with my Blazer. When I got paid on the 5th, I had to pay back, the person I borrowed the money to get the truck, and that left me with only $64. So, I still don't have the money for a truck.

Today, December 10th, @6AM, I went to Public Storage and took another load.
Seems like it will take only about 4 more loads before I'm all moved out.

At 2PM, I went back to Public Storage to get another load, and my access was refused.
Now they are telling me that it's past the 8th, and before I can get anything else, I have to pay them $86.

Is there anything I can do? I won't have any more money until the 16th, and it seems that they are putting me deeper and deeper in the hole.

I can't wait to stop dealing with Public Storage. I just want them out of my life!!!


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