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Do not buy into there $1.00 for first month!!! I got a huge unit, for at the start $199.00 a month... A year latter, or just over that, im now being charged $320.00 a month!!! Thats way higher then any cost of living increases... They constantly give you 30 days notices there raising your resnt its crazy, been raised over $130.00, well so much for that fantastic $1.00 for the fiest month.. They have got back tripled,,,, crooked company, rotten customer services... Stay away from this company,,,,

Jun 5, 2015
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  • Mk
      5th of Jun, 2015

    You might want to read the contract BEFORE you do something like this...

    They have several reasons for increasing the rates so much like that. One of the most common reasons is "LATE PAYMENTS". The contracts usually read something like "If you are late more than 2 times in a 12 month period then rates will increase" or something like that.

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  • St
      10th of Oct, 2015

    This is in reply to MkStItCh posting on here. Public Storage raises the rents 10% each year as a matter of business policy. It has absolutely nothing to do with being late or paying on time, or being a good citizen or a bad citizen, as to whether they will substantially increase their rent. It is purely about greed by a company that by law pays 0 federal income tax. In fact, if you are late they will charge you an additional $50 for being a day late, for those people who had trouble finding the money to pay the monthly charge to begin with. But as a predator, Public Storage knows that they have your personal belongings in their possession (because they will bolt your storage unit with a separate lock the day after you are late) and demand a late fee in addition to the monthly payment owed. However, their policy of 10% annual increases is a policy that they apparently practice across the United States. (Europe has different laws and more government regulation in general so it is unlikely that Public Storage can gouge as easily as they can in the U.S.).

    But as far as increasing the rent annually 10%, and holding your personal possessions as hostage material if you are late in your payments (because you cannot access it), and never paying US Corporate Income Tax goes, talk about redistributing income - it cannot get any better than that. Take from the poor and those who are most vulnerable and unprotected by the law (who have had to use storage facilities because of an unexpected life event to begin with) and gouge them with annual increases at 2 or 3 or 4 times the rate of inflation, and then pay nothing back into the system. It is usually called being a Taker, and that tag applies to Public Storage in its full meaning of the term. (In other parts of the world they call it extortion).

    So MkStItCh you are entirely wrong in your uninformed assessment. It is their corporate policy - it is not an isolated circumstance or incident. It is solely about greed and being able to get away with it. You may want to do a little research first before you speak about what it is you do not know and do not understand.

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