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Arranged to remove my items the first wk of Nov, 2015. Received a bill for $155.00 my contract amount was $130. I sent an email to try to find out about any increase and that its the law to give a 30 day notice. No reply. Up until I arrived at the gate to get my things and pay any amount the was left as a balance. Bill the attendant saw us trying to open the gate and walked over to the golf chart with some one and ignored me and drove away saying nothing...we had no options but to wait. Upon his return he flagged us to go to the office. We paid for our space and to lock us out and take away time I needed to unload the storage was appalling.Once the storage co cut our lock and said they never entered my unit but we found and have the lock they left inside the unit-violation -they lied. We paid for the extra pay offered to us by manager . That day speaking with the manager regarding charges Bill would interject saying "we dont have to give you any notice of rate increase" on the second day we were finding large bugs and rat/mice droppings everywhere and took pixs of it, trying to shake out the mess, Bill would drive by several times we have pixs and say you need to be out by 6pm becasue that is the time he leaves, so I told him we paid for the day and gates close at 7pm we were out by 6:59 pm on the day we were supposed to be out there was a older woman very nice. Never told us to be out by 6pm she left after here shift. Bill made a point to tell us he need us out by 6pm the manager or this women did tell us this...we have rented from your storage place 1.5 yrs and to be treated the way he treated us saying he didn't care about us customers...and harrassing the end we took pixs of the rats /mice poo and bugs...we left card board boxes cut up to place in trash bin but it was locked. I things may not be important to your company but it belongs to our home we lost. I am a single mom who works hard for the things we have. To treat us and our things we so paid high prices for and receive them damaged is sad.The cost to repair, clean restore...its at a loss. I cant get insurance from storage to call me. Estella Rangel [protected]

Nov 12, 2015
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  •   Nov 12, 2015

    At which public storage is this at? Our family may be moving again next year to northwest Indiana if need be is why I'm asking so we do not choose the wrong one.
    Thank you

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  • No
      Dec 07, 2015

    I had a unit on ben white here in austin tx. Well come to find out they were rat infested and no one bothered to tell us upon move in. So not only did our items get damaged from the rats now insurance is not returning our calls. I guess were out of luck on ALL OUR STORAGE items. DO NOT RENT FROM PUBLIC STORAGE THEY STEAL FROM YOUR UNIT AND WILL NOT PAY YOU FOR YOUR DAMAGES. But they sure are quick to call and collect a payment but not help get your items reimburse.

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  • Ja
      May 07, 2017

    Public storage in Auburn Washington is also horrible. First my family lost stuff due to a fire and water damage and only given 1 day to remove our stuff and also move what we could salvage to another unit and then that other unit I just found out was infested by rodents. My stuff was safe (no food) and not a problem with infestation the whole 5 years I had it in the previous unit, but the outdoor ones are infested and was told by other people down the same isle as me that they were moving out and lost their stuff for same reason. Storage didn't let us know they knew about the problem to ask us to come check our stuff or anything. Rats had all winter to nest in there. They also will not help with removal of my items or help me by getting us a dumpster so we can toss our stuff. I am disabled and have no help or real physical ability to safely take care of my items now. They could at least help with removing my items since I've payed them to pretty much let all of my stuff go to hell anyway. Storing your stuff at public storage is about as good as just leaving your stuff at the side of the road. You may as well just take all your stuff to the public dump and get it over with sooner and with paying less money.

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