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Public Storage / bait and switch with business hours

1 Los Angeles, CA, United States
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I pay for a storage unit with Public Storage at their 5544 Centinela Ave location in Los Angeles.

Before the Thanksgiving holiday last week I attempted to access my storage unit at about 7:30pm. Posted hours are 6:00am-9:00pm daily (per website, recorded information and speaking to a call center representative). I was unable to access the unit, and kept receiving a "area is closed" response on the access keypad. I spoke with a call center rep, who couldn't understand why I couldn't get in, but also could not assist me other than to have me contact the property manager during office hours. The call center rep verified that the access hours should be 6am to 9pm daily. Because I couldn't access my storage unit, I was forced to ask my son to store the property I was trying to unload, since we were taking my truck out of town for the holiday weekend and needed the space in my truck. I still have been unable to access my storage unit over 1 week later, since I was out of town for the weekend.

I contacted the office on Wednesday morning this week and was told that the new gate hours are the same as office hours (9:30-6:00 M-F and 9:30-5:00 Sat/Sun). I received no notification of this change. They told me that they didn't know if the corporate office was aware of the change, but that it was permanent.

I requested the phone number for the regional manager, Shaina Magdaleno and left a message for her, requesting a call back, with no response in 2 days. I have called numerous times and have been unable to reach a live person- only voice mails.

I pay almost $300 per month and expect to be able to access my property as agreed when I contracted with Public Storage. Basically this change only allows me to access my property on the weekend, since, like most people, I am at work during the weekday hours.

If this change is to be permanent, I will be forced to find another storage facility and incur the cost and inconvenience of moving my property. I expect some reimbursement to offset this significant inconvenience.

Note that it appears the property managers live onsite, as there were lights on in the upstairs rooms of the administration office when I was there last week and there is a sign on the access keypad to be quiet so as to not wake the sleeping baby.

If customers accessing their storage spaces between 6am and 9pm is disruptive to the care of their child(ren), maybe they should not be property managers for a storage facility. Customers who pay good money for the service expect to be able to access their property during the posted and agreed to hours. If I had known the access hours were going to be this limited, I wouldn't have contracted with that location to store my property.

Dec 1, 2017

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