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I have had 2 mortgages with Provident Funding over the past 10 years. I have never been late. In fact I have never been late on ANY payment of any kind in my life! I mailed my 1/2010 mortgage payment on 1/7/2010. On the evening of 1/20/2010 I got a call from Provident Funding indicating that they had not received my payment. They tried to convince me to make a telephone payment right the and there. I told them I didn't feel confortable until I verified with my bank that the check had not cleared. I went to my bank the next morning and the check had not cleared. I put a stop payment on the check ($33.00 fee) and immediatly called Provident to update them. I told them I would issue a check or would make a phone payment. I also asked that they waive the late fee given the circumstances and assumed that they would waive the late fee given my history.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Louisville, KY OMG they acted like it was the most insane request they ever heard! I have never been treated with such rudeness and disrespect in my life. Well guess what? When I got home from work that day I had an e-mail indicating that they received my payment that day! I don't know why a bothered but I called them the next morning thinking that it would make a difference. Not! You know with so many folks struggleing with mortgage payments you would think that the folks that are lucky enough to to remain current would be treated better than that. My plan is to file a complaint with as many agencies as posssibe and to refinace elsewhere. Until then all of may payments will be sent by certifiend mail. I hope they end up with their ENTIRE portfolio consisting of defaulted loans! BTW I truly feel sorry for the folks that are behind because if they treat me like that I just can't imagine what it would be like to deal with them under those circumstances.

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  • Rb
      Jan 27, 2010

    Sounds familiar. I mailed my payment on October 10 and it wasn't received and processed until Oct 21, so I was hit with a late fee. I called, as I've never made a late payment. To avoid this in the future, I processed my payments electronically through my bank. On Dec 15th, my bank notified Provident the funds were available, yet they didn't pick it up until the 19th, assessing me a late fee. I disputed this with my bank and the answer came back, well since you paid after the 1st, the due date, they wouldn't pay my late fee. So, this month I moved my payment date up to 1/15, giving them 2 days to process payment. Well, I created another payment for my late fee, also for 1/15. Guess what? My late payment was processed as scheduled, yet, my mortgage payment, paid the same day to and from the same account wasn't processed and I was assessed another late fee. I wonder why my late fee payment, which they can't assess me another late fee on a late fee, they process that one, but not my main payment. They're horrible. I'm going to contact my bank again, write the BBB and the President of the company about this. If they're doing this to the few that are here, how many others are being ripped off. I bet there could easily be a class action suit against them for ripping people off, when they can show bank records to indicate payment was made. That would be like mailing payment, they receive it on the 16th and not process it until later. I never had that when I mailed my payment. I'd believe the electronic process would be a much smoother process; nothing to open or log in.

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  • Fr
      Nov 30, 2010

    Wow! We just had the SAME thing happen. I mailed the check on 11/2 and on the 17th got a call saying it hadn't been received. That evening they processed the payment and wouldn't refund the late fee when we called them out. I feel like this is a scam. On top of it all - we've been clients with them since 2003 and never missed or been late once. Nice customer service. I swear, I own my own company and let people out of late fees all the time because I want to retain their business. Unfortunately, we don't have that luxury with Provident Funding. One other thing - we didn't get one of our bills one month so I had to call to find out what their address was to remit payment to. It took me 45 minutes to get the information. I'm thinking, what kind of ridiculous company makes it HARD to give them money? I asked that of the customer service rep when he had to go digging for the address (it's not listed on your previous stub either, dumb heads that they are at PF) and he laughed saying, "oh, you have no idea how hard we make it." Nice.

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  • Ea
      Jun 29, 2011

    WOW!! All I can say is "Thank you, Lord" because our loan refinance was denied because we have a manufactured house. The company we delt with in NJ knew this from the beginning of the process, but they choose not to tell Provident until the last minute, thats when they denied the loan. After reading all of these complaints, it is a blessing in disguise for us! The company I delt with in NJ were also a bunch of shucker & jivers too! All they told us was lies. Everyone who put in a complaint were right...they should be put out of business and run out of town. They treat seniors like they are stupid too. Do they not know that when you get get wiserrrrr! We are hardly stupid and know they are telling us lies. Most of us have bought and sold houses before and know when the documents don't add up that heres a problem...

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