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Had service with Protection One for approx 20 years but then ran into hard times (ie lost my job). I continued service while on unemployment but then had to cancel because I could no longer afford it. I called customer service, paid my account in full and asked them if I could suspend or cancel my service temporarily because of my financial situation. The person I spoke with canceled the service for me. I asked the person specifically if there would be any further charges and was told no, my account was paid in full, there would be no further charges. Fast forwards about 3 months...I received a bill for approx 3 months worth of service. I called them and was told that it was for the prior three months and that I owed the money. I explained my situation to them again and told them what I was told when I canceled the service. They did not listen nor care what i was told but just insisted that I owed the money. After several more calls, I discovered that they claimed that I had to pay off my "contract". When I originally got P1 service, there was a contract but that was canceled several years ago when I briefly (about 1 month) went to another company.See the Top 10 Worst Companies in Seattle, WA I do not have any recollection of signing a new contract and had been told that I was on a month to month basis. Not only that but when I returned to them, I did not get any new equipment or anything. Only the service. I have tried over and over again to get this resolved but they appear to care more about getting $100 then they do about providing their "valued customers" with any kind of customer service. They have even forwarded my account to a lawyer who has called and sent threatening letters. What ever happened to customer service? Prior to this incident, I was singing praises of their service. Now I will tell everyone I know to stay away. These people only care about their bottom dollar. For a $100 they have ruined my credit and lost all respect. You might say, why not just pay them off? Well, besides the principal of the matter, I really don't have the money. You can't get assistance to pay this type of bill and I don't have any credit cards that I can use. What little money I am able to scrape up ( usually people giving me money) I have to use for food, gas, or power & water. Anyone seen "it's a wonderful life"? Well, P1 is like "Mr. Potter". Money grubbing, unscrupulous, and lying people who don't give a rip about their customers.

Jan 21, 2015

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