Protea Hotels / lies

The complaint is regarding the Protea Hotel Hazeyview in South Africa.

We booked a room at the hotel on Saturday 4 November after reserving the last room available with a lady by the name of Annie. She confirmed that she had booked the room, we advised her that we would be there in about an hour and a half or so, to which she said that we should drive safely. When we were about 15 minutes out of town she phoned me on my cellphone to say that she had had to cancel our booking, as there was a group that were booked into the hotel, they had forgotten to reserve a room for their driver. We responded that we had a confirmed booking. She said that we had only booked late, and we were walk-in guests. I do not know what she meant by this, as we had booked telephonically. She was not apologetic and argued with us about our booking, saying that we should not have booked so late and that our booking was not confirmed. We were completely speechless. I had 15% left of my cellphone battery, it was now evening, and we had nowhere to stay, with limited resources to try and find alternative accommodation. She phoned us back about 10 minutes later and advised us that there was availability at another hotel, and gave us their telephone number. We immediately phoned them, but they didn't know about any enquiry for us, and that this was incorrect, they did not have anything available. It seemed she hadn't even phoned them to check availability. We called Annie back, and she did then arrange accommodation elsewhere for us.

We are still completely flabbergast at her attitude, the fact that our room was cancelled was bad enough, but the experience was exacerbated by her complete disregard to the situation she had put us in; her attitude towards a guest was argumentative and beyond atrocious.

We request that this matter is investigated further and that we receive feedback on this to prevent social media reporting.


Nov 27, 2017

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