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On the end of june the consultant of Prokard phone me and say to that my new Prokard is been printed and she want my address where she must send it to. Then she was looking for my credit card num so i say to her that am not intrested to renew my card because i don't use it a lot. She turns around and say to me that it is been finish printed by head office so i must take it. I ask her the question that who was giving them permission to print a card on my name. I ask her to give head office num but she refuse to give it. All what she was hammering on is that i must take the card. So i was getting a little upset because she try to force me now to take the card if i don't want it and i put the phone down. I recivied my credit card statement and they was taking a amount of R1250.00 from my card on the 4 July 2011. I phone them them send emails till someone with the name of Lenette from the George branch phone me back. No she turns around and say to me that if i get the card i must send it back and then they will replace my money. But till today didn't recieved the card. I don't even know if they send it because if they can take somebodys money from her credit card without her permission they can say they send the card but never did. And i must just loose that money. I don't know what to do anymore hope you can help.

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  • Fi
      Feb 10, 2011
    Protea Hotels And Inns - No customer respect or confidentiality
    Protea Hotels and Inns
    United States

    I stayed at Protea a couple of times. They require all my personal information to make a booking. My personal information is abused to send me emails and phone me on my cell phone repeatedly to try and sell me their 'loyalty' cards and other 'specials'. Despite numerous requests that they stop contacting me they continue relentlessly. I was up all night with my young daughter travelling and being caught in traffic and rain and now am just trying to get some sleep and calm my ulcers but they don’t care. Not at all - I must be awake for them to try and sell their rubbish. Protea has no respect for their customers’ personal information and feels free to abuse it even when asked repeatedly not to. They should not be in business.

    Me, my organisation and anyone I ever have any chance to convince will never use Protea again. I don’t know how marketing people think this kind of abuse is a good idea. If I had anything to do with it I would fire them immediately. They have just lost their employer a fair amount of business.

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  • Mr
      Jun 18, 2014

    Hi there, my name is Elizabeth and I was a Prokard member, though I did not manage to use my Prokard, I must I really say I enjoy my stays at all Protea hotels I ever visited. Thank you very much for neatness and the friendly staff.

    Regards Elizabeth ( Pretoria )

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  • Ne
      Feb 23, 2017

    I find it extremely disappointing that I have to write this email. Recently I have been very disappointed in that whenever I try to book a reservation at your hotels in Durban none are available. I find that unacceptable and cannot imagine that all the Durban hotels are filled at 100% occupancy - It is not even a peak period. We obviously choose to buy into the prokard system as as an “escape” from everyday life and when we are unable to use what we were sold it becomes quite frustrating. Whilst I understand the occupancy could be the problem in THIS instance, this is not our first incident of being unable to obtain room. I also appeal to your sales team to mention this to customers upon purchase of the vouchers, and whilst we understand the “subject to availability” clause, one cannot expect to be turned down time after time. It certainly sheds negative light on the concept of the PROKARD itself. I must now go and pay to stay at a hotel, in addition to paying the prokard fee(which we did assuming we will benefit from the system). In addition to that we stand the risk of vouchers getting expired. I find the prokard concept a complete "catch" and I will certainly not be re-purchasing it. I suggest you draw inspiration from your promise of Best GUEST service and talk the talk !
    I drafted a mail to PROKARD direct and this was the response :
    "In response to your below email, Protea Hotel is unable to assist with a voucher as they are experiencing very high occupancy, vouchers are subject to availability and some hotels can assist during the week some hotels can only assist during the weekend subject to their occupancy. They allocate the rooms for a voucher and once they have received that number of bookings then they close availability for the voucher.
    This certainly isnt best guest service !!!

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